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The small details of everyday life continue to confound and infuriate Larry David. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

The comedy veteran has built his career on deconstructing human foibles - first with Seinfeld, then on Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he plays, well, Larry David, a wealthy curmudgeon beset by Hollywood minutiae and life's lesser rules. David, 62, returns to Curb Sept. 20 (HBO/ The Movie Network). The sixth season involves a Seinfeld reunion and new romantic adventures for the suddenly single Larry.

Are there programs on television now that make you laugh?

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Not really. I find it very hard to sit down and devote an hour to television. And I don't have any TV-alone time when I can watch shows. I have two teenaged daughters, so sometimes I'll watch shows to spend time with them. I watch Gossip Girl with my teenagers.

Your take on Gossip Girl?

It's very interesting. Many of the characters seem to sound like this [adopts urgent whispered tone] They're all kind of breathy, very sophisticated. My daughters love it, though.

Have you ever sampled reality television?

I went over to Ted Danson's house a while back to watch the finale of The Bachelorette with Ted and Mary [Steenburgen] And I found the whole thing ... appalling, really. At first it was so bad it was good. Then it became so bad it was bad.

Have your daughters watched Seinfeld or Curb?

They don't seem to be fans of mine. I don't think they like to see their daddy behaving the way he does. I think it bothers them to see daddy yelling at people. But it could be that the humour doesn't register with them yet.

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