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Rock legend Ronnie Hawkins has apparently fully recovered from life-threatening pancreatic cancer, according to a statement released yesterday by his Toronto publicist.

Hawkins, 68, intimated that until recently he thought his life had run its course and "all those girls had nothin' to worry about." Now, after receiving an apparent clean bill of health from his doctors, Hawkins warns: "Turns out [the girls]had better start runnin'. I'm back and ready to rock!"

According to publicist Gino Empry, Hawkins is attributing his recovery, in part, to the ministrations of a 16-year-old B.C. "distance healer" named Adam over the past seven months.

"They worked together, treating his cancer until it was gone."

Adam, a high-school student with apparently no last name, says on his Web site,, that he has become "very efficient at using my X-ray vision . . . to identify and kill cancer cells while sparing healthy cells."

Adam, who is publishing a book on his talents next month titled DreamHealer, says he's recently helped individuals with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis and genital herpes.

Meantime, the Arkansas-born Hawkins said from his home in Stoney Lake, Ont., that he plans to play some concerts and clubs this summer. "The Big Rocker helped me and I want to get back out there to thank Him!"

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