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The Wattage Meter: How bright are these stars shining?

A weekly guide to the wattage of celebrities in the news

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ALEC BALDWIN: 20 watts There are rules of flying. Rule No. 1: Don’t mess with Alec Baldwin. The actor got kicked off an American Airlines flight on Tuesday for using his smartphone when he shouldn’t have. Then, on Wednesday, he issued a non-apology apology on the Huffington Post in which he criticized “Filthy planes, barely edible meals” and compared flight attendants to militant high-school gym teachers. What a great way to prove you’re not just an entitled celebrity with a temper. Oh, wait …

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JEFF PROBST: 60 watts Congratulations, Survivor host Jeff Probst. People magazine confirmed that you married Lisa Ann Russell in L.A. on Monday . We’re sure it was lovely. And it got some great press for you. It’s always nice to get a plug for your self-titled talk show that’s making its debut next year, right? (You’re welcome!) And while we hope you two enjoy marital bliss for ever and ever, let’s face it, you’ve got the best break-up line ever waiting in the bag whenever you need to pull it out. “Lisa, I’m sorry. But you’ve been voted off the island. The island of our marriage!” It would be worth you two splitting up just to hear you say that.

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