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Early Departures.Cylla von Tiedemann

Toronto Dance Theatre's latest show Triple Bill is showcasing the company's fantastic dancers in both the old and the new (Nov. 4 through 8, at the Fleck Dance Theatre). Artistic director Christopher House is bringing back his Early Departures (1991) for the male ensemble. The poignant work is an ode to all the young men who were taken too soon by AIDS. In complete contrast, he has also programmed Brussels-based, Swiss choreographer Thomas Hauert's Dora-nominated Pond Skaters (2013), a fun-filled romp for five dancers set to insect, bullfrog and waterfowl noises. After years of multimedia, full-length works, House has recently returned to pure dance in a big way. His new work Martingales, featuring the entire company of 12 dancers, is inspired by artist Paul Klee's line theory. The dance is a virtuosic experiment in quickness and calculated risk. Says House: "Martingale describes a particular betting strategy used in 18th century France. I think it's a lovely word, evoking something of the lightness I'm looking for in this piece."

Triple Bill, Toronto Dance Theatre, choreography by Christopher House and Thomas Hauert, Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto, Nov. 4 to 8.