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Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks picked 2001: A Space Odyssey as his favourite film of all time and selected four other films among his "top five" that he had nothing to do with.

"I just can't see enough of 2001: A Space Odyssey," the U.S. actor told Germany's Bild newspaper in an interview. Stanley Kubrick directed the 1968 film.

Hanks also picked Elephant (2003) by Gus Van Sant, because it "is one of the most moving films I've ever seen." He also listed The Godfather (1972) by Francis Ford Coppola and Fargo (1996) by Joel and Ethan Coen among his all-time favourites.

Hanks, who won two Academy Awards for best actor in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, rounded out his top five with Boogie Nights (1997). The movie, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, is about the porn industry in the late 1970s and early 1980s and the social attitude of that era.

"That film was a revelation for me," said Hanks, 49.

He said he likes films that give the viewer a chance to ask themselves how they would react in a similar situation. "That's what I'm looking for when I go to see a film, just like any other cinemagoer," he said. "The period, the topic or the genre don't matter to me. The only thing that matters for me is: 'Boy, what would you do if that were you?' " Reuters