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Andrea Woo

Andrea Woo is a Vancouver-based reporter with a focus on substance use, mental health and drug policy.
Latest articles
Affordability crisis reaches Vancouver suburbs, report finds, increasing threat of homelessness
B.C. pipeline blast disrupts service to customers across province and into U.S.
Study finds prescription opioids not a significant driver of B.C. overdose crisis
B.C. tables bill to clear the way for lawsuit against opioid makers
Overdose deaths in B.C. mostly single men, 30-49, many working in the trades, report finds
Mount Polley mine engineers face disciplinary hearing
Commission calls for ‘responsible control’ of illicit drugs through legalization, regulation
Health groups appeal to Ontario government to support overdose-prevention sites
B.C. alleges 20 years of deception in opioid lawsuit
B.C. files lawsuit against opioid makers and distributors for deceptive marketing
B.C. to sue opioid makers for health-care expenses of overdose crisis
B.C. wildfire season moves to second largest on record, below last year
B.C. copes with smoky air: face masks, cancelled events and curtailed outdoor activities
Ottawa pledges to cut poverty in half but doesn’t say how it will get there
Ottawa sets goal of cutting poverty in half, but doesn’t outline how it will get there
B.C. declares state of emergency as more than 500 wildfires burn
Tug capsizes in Fraser River off Vancouver, spilling an unknown amount of diesel fuel
Air quality suffers, evacuations and alerts grow in B.C. following rash of new wildfires
Orca continues to push dead calf, but no plans to interfere for now
Victoria to remove statue of Sir John A. Macdonald