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Anne McIlroy (Brigitte Bouvier For The Globe and Mail)
Anne McIlroy (Brigitte Bouvier For The Globe and Mail)

Anne McIlroy

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Cirque du Soleil brings its poetry to its neighbourhood

It could have pitched its corporate tent anywhere, but 15 years ago the troupe chose to build its headquarters in Montreal’s Saint-Michel neighbourhood where urban renewal has proved a long, slow upward climb

Dec 31, 2012

Looking worldwide for the women Canada needs

Changes to the federal government’s immigration program may allow more women in science fields to come into the country and to succeed faster than previous generations

Dec 02, 2012

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Anne McIlroy has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She joined the Globe in 1996, and has been the science reporter as well as the parliamentary bureau chief. She studied journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa.



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