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Brian Milner

Brian Milner

Brian Milner


Brian Milner is a senior economics writer and global markets columnist. In a long career at The Globe and Mail, he has covered diverse business beats, including international trade, the automotive industry, media, debt markets, banking and the business side of sports. He spent two years as an associate managing editor in the Report on Business, before becoming The Globe's New York bureau chief in 1994. From his vantage point in the world's financial capital, he covered the greatest economic and stock market boom in modern history, as well as a raft of U.S. political, cultural and social topics.

Mr. Milner began writing a markets column called Taking Stock in late 2000, before joining the editorial board in 2003. He resumed writing the column on a weekly basis in 2007 after returning to the ROB early in the global financial crisis. He is the author of a best-seller, The Hidden Establishment (Viking, 1991), which profiled secretive, wealthy immigrants. He is an award-winning magazine writer and has also written a history of Toronto for a popular guide book. In his spare time, he has ghost-written and edited books on economic, social and sports subjects. The best known is Shifting Gears (Harper Collins 1993), one of the first books to examine the impact of the technological boom on the economy. He is a frequent commentator on radio and television.

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