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Dave LeBlanc
ContributorContributor Toronto, Canada

Area of Expertise

Architecture, modernism and heritage architecture

Dave LeBlanc is a contributing writer for The Globe and Mail. While other kids were trading hockey cards, Dave was charting the progress of the CN Tower, and he’s been an architecture lover and Toronto advocate ever since.

Dave attended Wexford School for the Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University and York University. He has worked in radio since 1988 and has written for Globe Real Estate since 2003. An authority on Modernist architecture (1945-80), Dave attended “Conserving the Modern” in 2005 and 2007 (Canada), Palm Springs’ Modernism Week (multiple times), and architectural conferences in the Netherlands and Spain. He has served as a juror for the Ontario Association of Architects and the City of Toronto.

Dave’s writing has also appeared in The Toronto Star and Montreal Gazette, as well as the magazines Spacing, Canadian Architect and Wallpaper. In 2014-15 he hosted Where Cool Came From, a television program on pop culture. His first novel, Falconi’s Tractor, was released 2019.

Why did you become a journalist?

My greatest joy is showing readers how to see their local architecture as a tourist would.


Years in Journalism


Wexford School for the Arts

Toronto Metropolitan University

York University

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Docomomo (Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement)

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