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David Eddie

Relationships columnist
David Eddie is a relationships columnist at The Globe and Mail.
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Damage Control
How do I make it up to a friend after drinking too much and making a mess of her aunt’s yacht? David Eddie
Damage Control
Our son’s co-parenting arrangement makes us uncomfortable. Do we have to keep hosting his ex-wife? David Eddie
Damage Control
We recommended our contractor to friends and they hated his work. How can we repair this mess? David Eddie
Damage Control
I neglected my girlfriend and now she’s emotionally unavailable. How do I rekindle our connection? David Eddie
Damage Control
My neighbour blasts her radio and I can’t enjoy my yard. Should I tell her to turn it down? David Eddie
Damage Control
I’m pregnant and the father wants no part of it. What does he owe our child? David Eddie
damage control
How should I handle cutting off financial support to an adult family member? David Eddie
Damage Control
Is it possible for a couple to keep sharing love but not real estate? David Eddie
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My fiancé is having a baby with another woman. Should I marry him? David Eddie
I’ve ostracized my colleagues with an angry e-mail. How do I cool down the office tensions? David Eddie
A former colleague died before I forgave him for a prank, so how can I forgive myself?
My husband says my weight makes me unattractive. What should I do?
My husband won’t stop smoking in the house, even though I have asthma. How do I get him to butt out? David Eddie
My boyfriend has decided we’re engaged, but hasn’t actually proposed. Should I expect more? DAVID EDDIE
My husband and I both cheated. How do we get past it? DAVID EDDIE
My mother is pro-Trump and I don’t want her in my life, do I owe an explanation? DAVID EDDIE
When I reach out to my adult sons, I get no response. How do I get them to reply to me? DAVID EDDIE
Should I push my Valentine-averse husband for a little more romance? DAVID EDDIE
My son is turning 18 and lives at home. How do I set rules for this age? DAVID EDDIE
My on-again-off-again boyfriend is an abusive alcoholic. Why can’t I just get over him? DAVID EDDIE