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Area of Expertise

Social issues and public policy, mental health, how we live together

Erin Anderssen feels lucky to have landed a job at The Globe and Mail's Ottawa Bureau at age 25. Still based in Ottawa, she has gone on to cover social issues, crime, health policy, mental health and social science, working as a long-form feature writer. This has allowed her time to do what she considers the best parts of the job: in-depth conversations with Canadians and poring over academic papers.

Erin has spent months interviewing cancer patients for a special series on the Day in Life of Cancer in Canada, and has led special projects on mental health stigma, the lack of access to mental health care, and teenage suicide.

During the pandemic, she wrote about the personal impact of COVID-19 on families and healthcare professionals.

More recently, she has covered medical assistance in dying for The Globe, as well as the connection between a href="">human welfare and nature.

Occasionally, Erin is able to write pieces about her home province, Nova Scotia. And she will always make time for a good animal story, including this one, which forever changed how she views the octopus.

Erin has covered medical assistance in dying for The Globe,

Why did you become a journalist?

The possibility of a career spent writing drew me to journalism; the ability to make a difference is why I have remained. For the last 30 years, I have had the privilege of writing stories that contributed to important national policy conversations. I have felt truly honoured to be trusted to tell someone's story. I am always amazed at that trust, and also the bravery of people to speak publicly about painful experiences to help others. As a journalist, you see the worst of humanity and, on lucky days, the very best, and that is what makes this job so meaningful.


Years in Journalism


Years at The Globe and Mail


Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University

Honours & Awards

2022, CAJ finalist - written feature

2020 NNA winner for Short Feature

2022 Mindset Award for Workplace Mental Health reporting - Honorable Mention

2020 Mindset Award - winner - Workplace Mental Health

2012 National Newspaper Award - Finalist - Short Feature

2011 National Newspaper Award - finalist - Long Feature

2008 National Newspaper Award - Special Project - winner

2006 Michener Award for Public Service in Journalism - Finalist

2006 National Newspaper Award - Special Project

2004 National Newspaper Award - Explanatory -winner

2000 National Newspaper Award - Long Feature- winner

1996 Michener Award for Public Service in Journalism - Finalist

1996 National Newspaper Award - sports - winner

Erin Anderssen abides by The Globe and Mail Editorial Code of Conduct

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