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Frances Woolley


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The real sickness of medical notes

Sick notes are an inconvenience to schools, students and doctors. They waste time and money, and demand already-ill young people to go to spread germs around doctors’ offices

Jun 19, 2017

Does ‘sharing’ mean caring?

The sharing economy puts power in the hands of the people, but we may come to regret the move away from standardized customer service

Jul 24, 2015

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Frances Woolley is a professor of economics at Carleton University, where she teaches public finance. Professor Woolley is a former Secretary Treasurer of the Canadian Economics Association, and currently co-editor of Review of Economics of the Household. Her research on taxation and the family was awarded the Purvis Prize in 2001 and the John Vanderkamp Award in 1997. Professor Woolley blogs regularly on Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. She holds an undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University, a Master's from Queen's and a doctorate from the London School of Economics.



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