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Goran Tomasevic
Award-winning Serbian photographer Goran Tomasevic recently joined The Globe and Mail after spending three decades with Reuters, covering the world's biggest stories. His work has been recognized with many prestigious international awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and first prize from World Press Photo.

Here, he describes the motivation for his work, which has taken him from the Balkans and the Middle East to Africa and Latin America: “Today, when words are too often used to conceal the truth, photography stands on the side of reality. In this modern world of conflict, confrontation and concern for the future of our planet, photography's role is more important than ever. A photo speaks the truth.

I have had the chance, and the duty, to encounter the best and the worst of humanity and to record it for all time. Sometimes it has been dangerous, sometimes it has been beautiful and always it has been interesting. My goal has always been to get close enough to the action to do justice to the subjects and to bear witness.”

Goran Tomasevic abides by The Globe and Mail Editorial Code of Conduct