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John Lehmann


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New Westminster gym seeks to knock-out effects of Parkinson's Disease

Rock Steady Boxing is a fitness program for men and women of any age with Parkinson’s disease. The organization, which began a decade ago at a gym in Indiana, says the goal is to give people with Parkinson’s a chance to, quite literally, “fight back.” Boxing improves footwork, balance and hand-to-eye co-ordination — areas people with Parkinson's need to work on.

Jul 01, 2016

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Some days you want to pinch yourself, other days you wonder why? It's that kind of a profession.

As a photographer I've recorded history, influenced public opinion and been an eyewitness to life and death. Working as a photojournalist is a privilege that comes with a great responsibility, to be accurate and honest to both the people you are reporting on and those you are reporting to.

I've never been so moved or saddened as when I covered the Asian Tsunami. I watched and photographed as families and friends dug through rubble looking for the dead. The wounded were often buried on the beaches not more then ten feet from the waters that once engulfed them.

I've been fortunate to work both here at home and at daily newspapers in Hong Kong and Thailand. I'm now The Globe and Mail's West Coast staff photographer based in Vancouver.



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