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Kathy Tomlinson
StaffReporterVancouver, Canada

Kathy Tomlinson lives in Vancouver and joined the Globe’s national investigative team in August, 2015. Prior to that, she hosted CBC’s ‘Go Public’ segment. Kathy’s been an investigative reporter for the better part of three decades and has worked in Washington, D.C., Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. She’s won six Jack Webster awards, three Canadian Association of Journalists awards, and several from the RTNDA. In 2015, she was nominated by the Michener Awards Foundation for her reporting on temporary foreign workers. In 2016, she won a National  Newspaper Award for her investigation into questionable conduct in Vancouver’s hot real estate market and was also nominated for a Michener Award for that series. Most recently, The Globe and Mail was honoured with the prestigious Michener award for Ms. Tomlinson’s year-long 2019 investigation into the exploitation of foreign workers and students by Canadian recruiters, consultants and employers.

Kathy is dedicated to finding and revealing what Canadians want to know and holding powers that be accountable. Send your story or reach her here: Follow her on Twitter @KathyTGlobe

Kathy Tomlinson abides by The Globe and Mail Editorial Code of Conduct

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