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Mark Richardson

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Mark Richardson is an automotive journalist and also the editor of the motorcycle website Canada Moto Guide. Before joining the Globe’s Drive section as a contributor, he was the editor for a decade until 2012 of the Toronto Star’s Wheels section.

Over the last 30 years, Mark has worked as a journalist at the Regina Leader-Post, Ottawa Citizen, and Toronto Star; there was also a brief stint in TV, based in London, for Worldwide Television News, and another stint in central Africa as an aid worker. These days, he prefers getting out and driving or riding to sitting at a desk, but he's found the time to write a couple of books. Zen and Now - On the trail of Robert Pirsig and the art of motorcycle maintenance (2008) retraces the iconic 1968 road trip of reclusive author Robert Pirsig and his young son, and Canada’s Road - a journey on the Trans-Canada Highway from St. John’s to Victoria (2012) tells the story of Canada’s most famous highway.

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Automobile Journalists Association of Canada

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