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Nathan VanderKlippe

Nathan VanderKlippe
Asia Correspondent
Asia Correspondent
Nathan VanderKlippe is the Asia correspondent for The Globe and Mail. Based in Beijing, his reporting takes him across the region, where he covers political developments, social trends, international affairs, refugee crises, natural disasters and, occasionally, hockey games. He has spoken with political and business leaders, including Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, former president of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou, founder Richard Liu and many others. He served two terms on the board of the Foreign Correspondents Club of China. Prior to joining the Globe in 2009, VanderKlippe was a print and television correspondent in Western Canada based in Calgary, Vancouver and Yellowknife. He has covered Canada's energy industry, aboriginal issues and Canada’s north. His reporting has been recognized by the National Newspaper Awards, National Magazine Awards, the Canadian Association of Journalists, Amnesty International, The Society of American Business Editors and Writers and The International China Journalists Association.

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