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Niall McGee
StaffReporterMining ReporterToronto, Canada

Area of Expertise

Mining, capital markets.

Niall McGee joined the Globe and Mail in 2014. Previously, he worked as a reporter and segment producer with Business News Network (BNN). Niall is a two-time winner of the National Newspaper Award (NNA) in business. He grew up in Donegal, Ireland.

Why did you become a journalist?

Journalism suits my personality. I have a license to pick up the phone and speak to pretty much anyone. I get paid to prod people and ask annoying questions. I like the solitary aspect of the job, but I also like being part of a team. I love that it's a job that everyone instantly understands.


Years in Journalism


Years at The Globe and Mail


Bachelor of Arts in European Studies, University of Limerick

Honours & Awards

National Newspaper Award in business 2015, National Newspaper Award in business 2022.

Languages spoken

English. I also speak a little French, Italian, Spanish, and Irish

Niall McGee abides by The Globe and Mail Editorial Code of Conduct

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