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Sarah Hampson

Sarah Hampson is an award-winning journalist whose work started appearing in The Globe and Mail in 1998, when she was invited to write a column. Since 1993, when she began her career in journalism, she had been writing for all of Canada's major magazines, including Toronto Life, Saturday Night (now defunct), Chatelaine, Report on Business and Canadian Art, among others. Best known for her incisive, award-winning profiles of people, she has written on a range of subjects from motherhood of three boys, divorce, trekking on the world's largest uninhabited island in the High Arctic, late-night browsing on the Shopping Channel and the retail magic of Holt Renfrew. She has also written for British newspapers, including The Observer.

In 2007, Hampson came on staff at The Globe and debuted her popular column, Generation Ex, a taboo-breaking weekly feature that examined the culture of divorce and the emotional archaeology beneath some of our happiest and most difficult romantic decisions. It quickly became a must-read in the paper. Her memoir, Happily Ever After Marriage, A Re-invention in Mid Life, published by Knopf in April 2010, drew on the success of the column and became a Canadian best-seller.

In October 2010, she debuted Happiness, a column that looks at the science and pursuit of happiness in modern life. She continues to write her Interview column, a weekly feature that has appeared in the paper since 1999.


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