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Sue Riedl worked for 12 years in the Toronto film industry where her culinary passion was ignited while consuming countless unhealthy snacks off the craft service table. She put her writing energy into creating shows for children’s television and working on her own independent films.

In 2006 she had the opportunity to live in London, England for six months where her cheese infatuation began. Having taken a break from her job Ms. Riedl decided to try her hand at French cuisine by attending the Cordon Bleu in London. What began as a hobby turned into a career change. After her cooking studies Ms. Riedl returned to Canada and spent a year working in the restaurant industry at Colborne Lane and then C5 at the Royal Ontario Museum. Merging her writing and her passion for food seemed as logical a next step as her love of baking bread and eating cheese. She began freelance food writing while working as a cook, and her bi-weekly Globe Life cheese column, The Spread, was launched in the spring of 2008. She also hosts the Chef Basics video series.

Ms. Riedl is a graduate of the Cheese Education Guild of Ontario.