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Vanmala Subramaniam has been a journalist for more than a decade, with a career spanning television, print and online media. She began her career as a producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, working on various news and current-affairs programs, including the investigative show the fifth estate.

In 2016, she joined VICE News, leading the formation of a new business-focused vertical, VICE Money. Vanmala spent much of her time at VICE, and subsequently at The Financial Post, reporting on the nascent legal cannabis industry, investigating and breaking stories on some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry.

Vanmala joined The Globe and Mail in 2021. She’s broken several stories since joining The Globe, including her reporting on MindGeek that revealed various bidders, including a former cannabis entrepreneur, were vying to buy the controversial owner of Pornhub in the summer of 2021. As the Globe's designated Future of Work reporter, Vanmala will explore a host of workplace issues, including the growing chasm between employers and employees, the rise of unions, and how technological change and immigration trends will reshape the Canadian labour force.

Vanmala hails from Malaysia, and speaks three languages. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, majoring in economics and political science, and has called Canada her home for over 15 years.


Years in Journalism


University of Toronto, 2009

Vanmala Subramaniam abides by The Globe and Mail Editorial Code of Conduct

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