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Questrade Financial Group cares, supporting employee initiatives such as a 10K run for charity.Provided

Tyler Haw went straight from university into customer support at Questrade Financial Group. Eight years later, he is senior corporate trainer creating materials for a company with more than 2,000 employees worldwide.

“I have been very fortunate to have had a lot of career growth in the years I’ve been here,” Haw says. “My journey is not unique; many others have also grown with the organization.”

Questrade Financial Group is headquartered in Toronto. Through its companies, it provides securities and foreign currency investment, professionally managed investment portfolios, mortgages, insurance, real estate services, financing, and more.

“Our mission is we care deeply about helping Canadians become much more financially successful and secure,” says Edward Kholodenko, president and CEO. “And that is a philosophy we live and breathe from our front-line employees to those who work behind the scenes.

“Frankly, it’s a fantastic way of living where you get up in the morning knowing you’re going to help somebody.”

Haw says that a caring culture permeates his experience at the firm. Everyone was open to talking with him, notably about how job openings are made available.

“I had people reaching out to let me know of open positions they thought I’d be a great fit for,” says Haw.

An emphasis on continuing education is another example of the company’s culture. Earlier in his journey, Haw was having difficulties training certain personalities. His manager encouraged him to find a course to help him, and the company would cover the cost of the tuition.

“I found one I thought would be very beneficial,” says Haw. “It drastically changed how I trained individuals where previously I had struggled.”

Questrade Financial Group focuses heavily on training, team-building and volunteering, partnering with Food Banks Canada to provide one day’s worth of meals for every account opened and JA Central Ontario to equip young people with financial knowledge. Quarterly town halls are held to share business updates, recognize accomplishments and gather employee feedback. A few years ago, employees suggested RRSP matching, which the company adopted, emphasizing how they care for their employees’ financial success and security.

“The way that we take care of our customers is also the way we take care of our employees,” says Kholodenko. “We’re really focused on making sure they’re happy because what’s on the inside goes on to the outside.”

Employees often get direct feedback from Kholodenko. Leaders circulate glowing reports employees receive from customers.

“I personally respond to just about every e-mail thanking the front-line team so they know how much we appreciate them,” Kholodenko says.

In 2022, Haw approached his leaders about participating in the Sporting Life 10-km run supporting Campfire Circle, a summer camp for children undergoing oncology treatment. The resulting camaraderie thrilled him.

“My leaders gave me the autonomy to run with it,” says Haw. “I’ve organized it, and in just two years, we’ve raised $30,000 with the help of 150 employees. Our engagement in this event would not have been possible without the full support of my leaders and our organization.”

Haw wants to stay with a company that does right by its employees, and with Questrade Financial Group, he feels he has found his fit.

“I’ve really enjoyed my past eight years. Ideally, I’ll stay for eight more years and even more so,” Haw says.

This aligns with the CEO’s vision. “As our company grows, we want our people to grow with us. They play a key role in helping us revolutionize the future of financial services,” says Kholodenko.

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