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Founders Jessie Frampton and Forence Gaven-Rossavik sitting on a bench Founders Jessie Frampton and Forence Gaven-Rossavik against a wall

As Fuzz Wax Bar expands, founders set out to change the ‘high-pressure’ beauty industry

Founders Jessie Frampton and
Florence Gaven Rossavik
Photos by Ingrid Jones

As the co-founders of Fuzz Wax Bar tell it, their new hires often come aboard feeling burned out from the stressful, high-pressure, numbers-driven work environments that are common in the beauty industry today.

Thatʼs why Jessie Frampton and Florence Gaven-Rossavik, the entrepreneurs behind one of Torontoʼs leading hair-removal businesses, say they are on a mission to do things differently.

“We pride ourselves on not being a very sales-driven organization,” Ms. Frampton says. “It sounds funny, but when youʼre speaking authentically and organically through your heart, you donʼt have to sell. It comes off naturally.”

Their strategy is working. Starting with a single salon on Torontoʼs Queen Street West in 2012, they now boast 10 locations in Ontario and Quebec and 10,000 members, and theyʼve delivered over 660,000 waxes to customers who rave on social media about Fuzz’s affordable, consistent and meticulous head-to-toe waxing services.

Jessie Frampton against a window Forence Gaven-Rossavik in Fuzz Wax Bar

“It’s for the individual that always wanted their own business but didn’t want to do it on their own. We take the guessing out of the game.”

Fuzz Wax Bar enterence Fuzz Wax Bar store front Fuzz Wax Bar waxing station

Fuzz Wax Barʼs easily replicated and executed business model takes away the stress and guesswork from franchise owners, Ms. Frampton says.

“Itʼs for the individual that always wanted their own business but didnʼt want to do it on their own,” she says. “We take the guessing out of the game. We’ve put tight practices and policies in place and structured it for them.”

An internet-based point-of-sale system also allows the corporate team to help track business from a distance.

“We can be there every step of the way because we can see how the business is performing from thousands of miles away,” Ms. Gaven-Rossavik says.

Those interested in becoming franchise partners are guided through a mutual-evaluation process that Ms. Frampton describes as a “get-to-know-you journey” that not only assesses the individual’s experience and financial standing but also their core values, long-term goals and business vision. “Weʼre going into business not just for the short term – itʼs the long haul,” Ms. Frampton says.

Ms. Gaven-Rossavik and Ms. Frampton are eager to sing the praises of Dawn Flowers, their first franchise owner. She now runs two Fuzz Wax Bar locations in Durham region, east of Toronto. After taking time off to raise her first child, Ms. Flowers was eager to get back to work and reached out to Ms. Frampton, a former colleague, about working with Fuzz.

Ms. Flowers was first put in charge of managing the Queen Street West location for six months. While not a requirement for interested franchise owners, Ms. Frampton says it helped Ms. Flowers familiarize herself with the brand’s values and practices.

She then opened her first location in Whitby, Ont., in May, 2016, followed by a second location in nearby Ajax, in March, 2019, with a third spot in the works. “She has been incredibly successful,” Ms. Frampton says.

Ms. Flowers’ multiunit model plays into the wider vision of the companyʼs co-founders. “Because Fuzz Wax Bar is membership-based, opening up multiples [works well for] our franchisees,” Ms. Frampton says. “We want to sell territories, so Dawn is kind of taking over the territory of the east side [of Toronto].”

Ms. Flowers has succeeded despite having no previous experience in the beauty industry, say the founders, who themselves came to the business from the public relations and film industries. What’s more important, they say, is finding franchise partners who share their perspective on how to build a successful business.

Dawn Flowers, Fuzz’s first franchise partner

Hear from Dawn Flowers,
Fuzz’s first franchise partner

“A lot of people go to work and they hide their side passions. It’s a really weird thing. We like to celebrate the other things that you do outside of Fuzz.”

Alexia Pilla, franchise partner

Hear from Alexia Pilla,
franchise partner

“We’re looking for people who approach life and business with a very positive outlook,” Ms. Frampton says. “Someone very positive, very motivated, someone with incredible communication skills, somebody willing to learn and grow with us.”

Ms. Gaven-Rossavik is looking for “someone who understands really-high level customer service. That’s the number one priority for us – somebody that believes in not only growing themselves but providing growth opportunities for others.”

Nurturing and supporting their staff and franchisees is a point of pride for the Fuzz Wax Bar co-founders. “A lot of people go to work and they hide their side passions,” Ms. Frampton says. “Itʼs a really weird thing – we like to celebrate the other things that you do outside of Fuzz.”

“Flo and I make ourselves very available to our team to help coach and mentor them,” Ms. Frampton says. “That could be a job that doesnʼt pertain to Fuzz.”

“Thereʼs a magical thing that happens when you create a space that allows people to be themselves,” Ms. Frampton says. “The way that they perform and the work that they put forward is so much better than them having to close off aspects of who they are.”

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