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260-200 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4

Office locations

3 offices located in Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria

Areas of Distinction

Aboriginal Law and/ or Indigenous Law

Company Mission

Working Together for Justice and Reconciliation
We are a team of lawyers based in Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto that represents Indigenous communities throughout Canada. Driven by a passion for justice, we offer creative legal solutions and work towards meaningful change.

JFK Law LLP, a prominent nationwide law firm, focuses on Indigenous rights and working closely with Indigenous communities. Its mission is to tirelessly pursue justice and support Indigenous self-determination.

Although its offices are in Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria, JFK Law serves Indigenous clients from across Canada, including the territories.

The backbone of JFK Law consists of an esteemed group of lawyers, including Robert Janes (KC), Karey Brooks (KC), Tim Dickson, Sara Mainville, Jeff Langlois, Mark Gustafson, Brock Roe, Erin Thomson-Leach, and Claire Truesdale.

JFK Law offers a wide range of services to Indigenous clients and is recognized as a leader in litigation, regulatory proceedings, consultation, negotiation, corporate affairs and governance practices.

Its accomplished legal team is known for successfully handling various complex issues in the following areas:

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution: JFK Law’s skilled litigators focus on finding cost-effective solutions that meet client goals and maintain positive, long-term relationships.
  • Consultation and Accommodation: They provide strategic advice and representation in matters related to the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous rights and interests.
  • Regulatory Review: JFK Law assists Indigenous communities in dealing with project referrals within their traditional territories, representing their interests during environmental assessments and other regulatory review processes.
  • Treaty and Related Negotiations: The firm collaborates closely with various First Nations, each at different stages of the Treaty process and those involved in complex negotiations related to land, governance and resources.
  • Impact Benefit Agreements: JFK Law provides valuable guidance in negotiating fair agreements with project proponents interested in development within client territories.
  • Commercial Agreements: The firm ensures that negotiated agreements provide maximum value for clients and that they receive benefits proportionate to the commercial value of supported projects.

With a strong commitment to justice, JFK Law is dedicated to offering innovative legal solutions that drive meaningful change for Indigenous Peoples.

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