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Redstone Agency Inc.

1 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 705,
Toronto, ON, M4P 3A1


$5M - $10M CAD



NUMBER of Employees


Year on Ranking (inc. 2023)


As an events agency, Redstone Agency is accustomed to planning for the unexpected. So, when the pandemic hit, the team was ready.

The company is proud to say it more than doubled in size during this period of great uncertainty. But how?

Redstone is made up of experts in the field who work together as a cohesive unit to ensure every client has an amazing experience. The team takes the complexity out of event planning, giving businesses and organizations the freedom to focus on creating a memorable experience for their attendees. Redstone wants its clients to be guests at their own events! With its expert event planning and management services, Redstone handles every detail. Its collaborative approach and tailored solutions guarantee a personalized experience that meets every client’s needs so they can achieve their unique goals. Redstone pushes the envelope and is always looking for better ways to deliver its services.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Redstone was ahead of the game and had been exploring digital events as a core service. It saw the value in delivering virtual experiences to support clients and their communities around the globe. That’s why when the pandemic hit, the agency knew business and corporate events would continue moving forward despite the chaos – and that it was up to them as event experts to lead the way.

During this time, Redstone created immersive experiences that allowed event participants to connect with one another in ways they hadn’t before, all while safely at home. Even now, the agency is still leading the pack when it comes to finding new ways for people all over the world to come together online and offline.

In eight years, Redstone has served more than 500 clients in over 25 industries, across five continents, and is thrilled to have had the opportunity to help them grow their organizations. Impressively, 95 per cent of clients come back to the agency time and time again because it’s passionate about providing them with the best service possible. Redstone has executed more than 500 virtual events and more than 1,000 in-person events – and is ready to do more!

The team at Redstone is always on the lookout for new ways to create unforgettable experiences. It has a unique ability to take the pulse of its clients’ communities, and is always looking for new ways to bring them together in meaningful ways that can’t be replicated by just any company. Whether you’re a volunteer or staff member in need of help for your next big event, or looking to infuse some creativity into your event management needs, connect with the team today to find out why Redstone is the solution for you by visiting

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