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The Sales Factory

20 Camden Street, Suite 200,
Toronto, ON M5V 1V1


$5M - $10M CAD



NUMBER of Employees


Year on Ranking (inc. 2023)


Pioneering the Future of Business Growth

In today’s competitive marketplace, The Sales Factory emerges as a game-changing ally for businesses aspiring for scalable growth. Recognized as the ninth fastest-growing company among a robust roster of 425 contenders, The Sales Factory brings not just statistics, but actionable strategies and real-world results.

Mission: Setting the Industry Benchmark

The Sales Factory has a clear-cut mission: to become the gold standard in sales and business development. Its focus is not merely on generating leads, but on connecting businesses with the most suitable opportunities. By ensuring that high-ticket products and services meet their ideal audience, The Sales Factory redefines the conventional paradigms of B2B sales strategies.

The Genesis: A Journey from Local to Global

Founded by Paul Griffin and Eric Doucet in a modest co-working space in downtown Toronto, The Sales Factory had a humble mission: to foster the growth of start-ups. Fast forward to today, and it stands as one of the world’s top five business development firms, functioning in multiple languages and nations, and catering to a vast range of industries and company sizes – from start-ups to large multi-national enterprises.

Core Competencies: Tailoring Strategies for Complex Sales Challenges

Navigating through the intricate realm of B2B lead generation is a specialty of The Sales Factory. It excels in solving the intricate challenge of aligning buyers with highly specific products and services. Whether a client requires outbound or inbound strategies, The Sales Factory tailors its approach to meet those unique business needs.

Operational Excellence: Comprehensive Business Development Solutions

The core product offered by The Sales Factory is an all-inclusive, turnkey business development solution. Clients receive a meticulously designed go-to-market strategy paired with seamless, done-for-you sales execution. The Sales Factory’s methodologies are backed by years of refinement and optimization, ensuring that clients not only grow but also minimize risks and maximize ROI swiftly.

Why Choose The Sales Factory? A Legacy of Trust and Performance

Understanding that sales are as much about forming lasting relationships as they are about numbers, The Sales Factory instills confidence in its clientele. By taking on the heavy lifting of lead generation and sales, it allows clients to focus on managing their businesses. The Sales Factory’s consistent results and rapid ascent in industry rankings underscore its effectiveness and commitment. For businesses eager to propel into the next stratosphere of growth, The Sales Factory stands as a reliable, result-oriented partner.

With The Sales Factory, opportunities aren’t just identified; they’re transformed into revenue.

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