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Senior Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager, CIM

CIBC Wood Gundy

101-2510 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1L4

Team Assets (Custodied)


Typical Size of Household Accounts

$500,000 -

Minimum Account Size for New Business


Typical Net-Worth of Relationships

$1-million -

“You can never run out of this money.” That notion was burned into Darren Luck’s consciousness at a very early age.

At 19, Darren was propelled into the world of investments. He was about to face major life decisions for what would be a scary and unknown future. This was the unfortunate result of a major car accident that left him with serious and permanent injuries that nearly ended his life. Following the accident, he was awarded a modest insurance settlement, intended to serve as a potential lifetime pension.

As an athlete, Darren unleashed the motivation and obsession to prove that he would not just survive, but thrive. His hard work earned him scholarships to American universities, and he ultimately landed at the University of Windsor. Three years later, he stood on the podium as an All-Canadian champion sprinter.

That was 40 years ago. Today, Darren is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager at CIBC Private Wealth. He understands firsthand the anxiety clients experience when approaching retirement. They face confusing choices and are often expected to rely on a cookie cutter financial plan. Darren wants clients to have the confidence to enjoy their hard earned income without having to worry about outliving their money. Predictability is something clients deserve and should expect.

Darren’s calling was to create the tools with that goal in mind: provide solutions with safe and growing cash income to last not just a lifetime, but several generations. He and his team pride themselves in presenting information in a simple way that clients can understand. This serves as his credo to clients: “Clarity Brings Confidence”.

He was a decade ahead of the curve when he developed the client reporting and practice management software called Wealth Tracks, which encompasses a client’s financial picture all on one page. Income Accelerator, his investment process, provides regular, predictable growing cash income in any market condition, so much so that volatility can actually enhance future income.

Having survived a life threatening event, Darren feels truly fortunate. Whether building a business, raising a family, or recovering from illness or injury, he says there are no short cuts in life – but there is help. “I’ve been blessed with some excellent people throughout my life – for that I’m grateful as that has made all the difference”.

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