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Senior Wealth Advisor

National Bank Financial

Suite 700- 737 Yates Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1L6

Team Assets (Custodied)


Typical Size of Household Accounts

$250,000 -

Minimum Account Size for New Business


Typical Net-Worth of Relationships

$1-million -

Rob Hunter heads the R Hunter Wealth Management Group at National Bank Financial. For over 30 years, he has been the chosen financial advisor of Canadian families, affluent individuals and growing businesses, working with one generation to the next. Rob’s unique set of disciplines and prudent advice is informed by decades of experience. He delivers to clients the counsel necessary to grow and protect their wealth. Rob always provides candid dialogue in the face of uncertainty, and works with each client to ensure their goals are achieved.

Rob thrives on showing investors solutions and ideas that they may not have seen before.

His practice and investment approach is set apart from the rest. Through continuous innovation and thought leadership, he provides access to wealth-generating ideas, income enhancement, unique investment strategies and risk-adjusted solutions for each client’s situation.

Rob shows growth and income investors how to realize a high monthly cash-flow from their investments in a way that is much more tax-friendly than bonds or deposits at a bank. He combines fundamental and technical analysis to qualify potential investment opportunities. Rob pairs that with tax-advantaged advice, keeping estate planning and capital preservation top of mind.

Equity investors want an investment platform without being commoditized. Too often, they throw capital into expensive third-party investment pools like mutual funds or wrap accounts, which often under-perform the broad market and provide little in terms of a real exit strategy. Working with Rob, clients will appreciate discovering an alternative to the crowd.

Rob’s reputation is built not only on performance and results, but on commitment to social issues –giving back to the global community. That garnered him a National Bank Financial Award of Excellence for Social Commitment in B.C. His goal is to continue building water projects and supporting educational initiatives around the world each year.

“Money itself is a meaningless commodity – merely a means to an end. What is most important is what your money means to you and your goals for it.”

Outside of the office, Rob enjoys tending to his garden, and spending time with his wife and three sons as he explores around the world, including the countries where he has funded the building of water wells and educational projects.

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