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Justin Hui, Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Advisor

CIBC Wood Gundy, Hui Portfolio Management

1055 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 2434, Vancouver, BC V7X 1K8

Team Assets (Custodied)


Typical Size of Household Accounts

$1-million -

Minimum Account Size for New Business


Typical Net-Worth of Relationships

$3-million -

Justin Hui heads Hui Portfolio Management. The investment practice specializes in discretionary investment portfolio management for individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts and estates, starting at $1 million. Hui Portfolio Management advises in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and has private clients that extend across Canada and around the world. Currently, the investment team has $600 million in assets under management.

Justin began his career at CIBC Wood Gundy, but long before – being raised and mentored by his father – Justin spent his early life listening to hundreds of families talk about their own financial blueprints. Because of this, he understands what it takes to maximize the odds of achieving an investor’s long-term financial goals. Justin believes in the importance of first thoroughly understanding each client’s unique circumstances, before planning and constructing a bespoke investment portfolio to match those needs.

In addition to being a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), Justin is passionate about financial market history. He is known for his ability to recognize and capitalize on repeatable behavioural patterns and market trends, in ways unlike traditional advisors.

Justin has a deep understanding of price movement drivers that affect the financial markets on a macro level, as well as individual investments on a micro level. He is well versed in the effects of investor psychology and the numerous emotional biases that can often inhibit an individual’s full investing potential. Justin takes into account this myriad of complex and intangible factors. He does so with an energetic and holistic counselling approach, a willingness to dynamically re-think perspectives in response to constantly changing environments, a conservative portfolio management style, and his risk management techniques.

As an expert in North American large-cap equity investing, Justin manages two discretionary stock mandates: Hui North American Large Cap and Hui U.S. Resilient Opportunities. His primary goal is to consistently attain the highest return on investment while accepting the least amount of volatility. All the while, he ensures that investing is done in an optimal manner, striking a balance between being economically rewarding and socially responsible and sustainable.

Justin is a six-time Chairman’s Council and a two-time President’s Council CIBC Wood Gundy award recipient. He is an ambassador for CPA, has been featured on the cover of the CPABC program calendar, and was recently profiled in a CPA commercial on Global TV.

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