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Members of team EPCOR are focused on advancing the company’s sustainability journey.Supplied

When Mackenzie Reeves told her manager at EPCOR that she was ready for a new challenge, her manager helped her to network and look for new opportunities within the company.

“This is how I ended up with the position in development and infill,” says Reeves, engineer-in-training. “This experience made it clear to me that I am valued as an employee, and that my personal development and overall satisfaction are important to the company.”

Reeves started with the Edmonton-based energy and water utility as a co-op student in 2018. After graduating from the University of Alberta, she came back to work on its flood mitigation program before moving to her current role.

Reeves appreciates the opportunities EPCOR provides to foster learning and development. In 2021, she presented her work on the flood mitigation program at an internal conference. “This helped me solidify my expertise on the subject matter, exposed me to a new network of EPCOR employees and tested my verbal communication skills,” she says.

Mark Johnson, director of human resources operations and talent management, says EPCOR prioritizes support for employees’ professional growth, whether that’s within their current role or moving to opportunities in different areas. “Working at EPCOR isn’t just about having a job, it’s about building a career that really matters and supports the many communities that count on us,” he says.

The EPCOR School of Business provides career courses to all employees. The company also provides funding to employees for after-hours professional development, and a mentorship program for all levels. There is also regular learning in health and safety. The annual Safety Summit brings everyone across the company together to focus on its commitment to safety, discuss experiences in the areas of safety and renew focus on making sure that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

EPCOR provides student opportunities and entry-level jobs for new graduates to start building their careers and learn about different areas of the company. Opportunities include a summer student program and co-op program. In the finance development program for accounting, finance, or operations management graduates, employees rotate through three areas within the company, and are paired with senior-level mentors. They also get support in earning a professional designation, such as CPA or CFA. Reeves is part of the engineer-in-training program, which provides strategic rotational assignments.

And learning is not limited to job-based skills. Reeves was grateful to attend an Indigenous pipe ceremony. “It was part of EPCOR’s work to bring ceremony back to the land on which we operate,” she says. “This exposed me to Indigenous practices and opened my eyes to different ways of doing things. It was a significant learning experience for me.”

Reeves says that continuous growth and learning are important and necessary for overall job satisfaction. “At EPCOR, I’m regularly challenged, but I also know I can speak up if it’s ever too much. There’s a good balance,” she says. “EPCOR prioritizes mental health, diversity and employee development.

“Work isn’t everything, but it is a big part of your life. Working somewhere where you’re valued and surrounded by good people is important, and that’s what I’ve found at EPCOR.”

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