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Meet The Globe
Women's Collective

The Globe Women’s Collective (GWC) brings women across Canada at all career stages together to move the needle toward gender equity in the workplace.

We connect GWC partners with each other and with Globe readers on this key issue, providing access to insights, resources and community through content and events that draw like-minded, ambitious women.

We feature our partner organizations and their employees through our sponsor content, highlighting the progress being made internally to our engaged readers. We then bring these conversations to life in Idea Exchanges where every partner has a seat at the table.

Our work covers the varying barriers to and opportunities for success that affect cis and trans women of different races and abilities, across different industries. And while our initiative seeks to support and uplift women specifically, our coverage also strives to include people of other underrepresented genders when appropriate, who are equally implicated in the fight for gender equity.

Above all, we ensure that we are making the space for women to tell their own stories.

Learn more about why we launched The Globe Women’s collective here.

Hear from our partners

Why Novo Nordisk joined The Globe Women’s Collective, in their own words:

“As an organization committed to driving change in caring for patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases, we have a responsibility to make Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) part of everything we do – from developing our products to building and supporting our workforce.

Our commitment to DEIB is in keeping with the Novo Nordisk Way, which calls upon us to do all we can for the patients and communities we serve, including our own Novo Nordisk employees, some of whom are also patients and caregivers.

To innovate, we must be diverse. To enable diversity and thrive, we must have equity. To activate diversity and equity, we must be inclusive. To unlock our potential, we need belonging.”

Why Desjardins joined The Globe Women’s Collective, in their own words:

Desjardins Insurance offers a wide range of flexible life insurance, health insurance and retirement savings products and services. We have been providing innovative services to individuals, groups and businesses for over a century.

We firmly believe that a work environment focused on equity, diversity and inclusion is more than an asset – it’s a necessity. As a member of Desjardins Group, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada, we made a commitment to both our employees and our clients on equity, diversity, and inclusion: To welcome each person, accept them for who they are, learn from our differences, celebrate those differences and guarantee everyone the same treatment. That’s why our insurance solutions evolve as the needs of Canadians do. It’s also why we added gender affirmation coverage to our extended health care benefit in 2022.

Desjardins Insurance ensures the financial security of over five million Canadians from offices across the country and is one of the top life insurance companies in Canada. To learn more, click here.

Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.”

Why Bombardier joined The Globe Women’s Collective, in their own words

“Bombardier is a global leader in aviation, focused on designing, manufacturing, and servicing the world’s most exceptional business jets, with a worldwide fleet of approximately 5,000 aircraft in service, including aircraft configured for defense missions.

Bombardier continues to develop a diverse workforce, building on the four pillars of its Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy: lead, attract, include and develop. This is done through initiatives such as the Women@Bombardier Forum and its affinity groups, which organize awareness-raising and outreach activities for Bombardier team members, as well as other forums that aim to formalize and promote diversity throughout the company.

To learn more about the initiatives Bombardier is undertaking to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, we invite you to read our latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

Why The Pay Equity Office joined The Globe Women’s Collective, in their own words

The Pay Equity Office promotes gender economic equality by administering Ontario’s Pay Equity Act. The purpose of the Act is to eliminate pay inequity between women and men who perform work that is of comparable value to their organization. Our mission lies in closing the gender wage gap.

In Canada, it’s taken over 20 years to close the gender wage gap by 8%, with 70% of the gap remaining unexplained. Recently, the Pay Equity Office produced award-winning Level the Paying Field video and podcasts series exploring topics related to economics, equity, women, work and wage equity. Through the series, we seek to highlight how data and research can seed meaningful conversations around gender inequality and drive change.

Join the Pay Equity Office in elevating the equity conversation to make the world a more equitable place for women to work, live and thrive and support closing the gender wage gap.”

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