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Auxe connects people who need in-home tech support to the best local technicians, and payments solutions from Square are a big part of the customer experienceSupplied

Five-star customer experiences aren’t usually associated with in-home services, where the focus is often on just getting the job done quickly and efficiently. But one innovative Canadian company is changing that.

Auxe is a national in-home security and technology installation company that aims to provide a frictionless customer experience, meaning it’s not only easy for customers, but also enjoyable.

When Auxe was founded by University of Western Ontario students Rafael Recavarren and Peter Semkowski in 2019, the plan was to create “an Uber for phone repairs” – an on-demand platform where customers could have their mobile-phone screens repaired by skilled and affordable technicians. However, when the pandemic kept people at home, the co-founders identified a new opportunity – home security system installation – so they reimagined their business accordingly.

Today, Auxe connects consumers who need in-home tech support to the best technicians in their neighbourhood. Auxe delivers fast and affordable TV, security camera, and smart-home device installations across Canada. For instance, if a customer buys a new TV but doesn’t know how to mount it to the wall properly, they can book an appointment online in less than two minutes and Auxe has them covered. Auxe is a certified installer for top smart-home brands such as Google Nest, Ecobee, Samsung, among others.

The firm’s payments solutions system, from technology company Square, is an impactful part of the customer experience. In fact, Square has made such a significant difference in the customer and employee experience that Recavarren describes the timeline of his business as “pre-Square” and “post-Square.”

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Rafael Recavarren – Auxe President/Co-FounderSupplied

“The change to our business since integrating Square has been night and day,” says Recavarren. He recalls the early days of the business when his staff had to use a third-party ecommerce site to create customer invoices and collect payment at the end of a job. “Our technicians would tell us, ‘I’m spending an hour on a job and then 25 minutes putting together the invoice and having to manually write down the customer’s credit card.’”

It was a huge hassle that created a bottleneck for the technicians and wasted valuable time for both them and the customers, so the Auxe team knew they needed a better solution.

Now armed with the Square app on their mobile devices, Auxe technicians can easily put together an invoice with preloaded line items based on the customer profile, and accept payment – by swipe or tap – in a matter of minutes. It’s made for a significantly better customer experience, which is what Auxe has been striving for since day one, explains Recavarren.

“We tried to put ourselves in customers’ shoes and be empathetic in terms of every touchpoint they have with the business, and we adapted to their needs,” he recalls.

Another key to the customer experience is upfront pricing. “Transparency around pricing is a serious customer pain point in this industry,” explains Recavarren. Auxe addresses this pain point with its booking form, which allows customers to use the website’s price calculator to get an upfront cost estimate. Then they can decide if they want to book or not, or they can call and ask further questions if they’re still uncertain.

“We want our customers to have the best experience possible because that increases brand loyalty, which increases our repeat customer rate, along with word-of-mouth and Google reviews, which are huge for us,” says Recavarren.

As part of its ever-evolving expansion plan, the company recently launched Auxe for Business, providing tailor-made installation solutions. Commercial clients range from real estate developers such as Westbank and Starlight, to national chains such as Freshii and 7-11. Auxe for Business uses Square’s invoicing features for corporate clients, showing when the customer opens the invoice, when payment is due, as well as any invoices that remain outstanding.

“It makes back-office organization significantly more efficient than doing it manually or doing it in a spreadsheet,” says Recavarren.

Auxe for Business also takes advantage of Square’s suite of marketing tools, which helps retarget customers for email marketing campaigns based on the services they’ve previously used and further personalizes the service.

Next steps for Auxe include further expansion into other in-home technology, such as at-home EV chargers for electric vehicles. In addition, the company is setting its sights on being a supplier of in-home technology and security through a new eCommerce arm.

“We want to keep building up the in-home service offerings and dig deeper into products, so Auxe is just a big one-stop shop for our customers,” says Recavarren. “And Square will be along for the journey.”

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