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A nationwide talent shortage and workers’ growing power to hold out for better jobs are creating challenges for many employers seeking to fill positions.iStockPhoto / Getty Images

A recent ADP-commissioned survey conducted by Maru Public Opinion found many companies are struggling to keep and recruit the best people to meet their labour needs.

33% have trouble finding workers

46% say the talent shortage grew because of the pandemic

32% are seeing staff leave for a better salary

29% are losing staff wanting to make a career change

17% have staff leaving to take on a more senior role

Small business owners in Quebec struggled the most to find and retain talent ...

44% struggled to find workers

63% found it more difficult than before the pandemic to find and retain employees

When asked why employees would leave their role, small business owners in British Columbia (33 per cent) and Ontario (31 per cent) were more likely to report a career change, compared to only 20 per cent of small business owners in Quebec.

Among those small businesses owners and operators who say hiring in the current environment is difficult ...

46% have increased wages

27% have increased benefits

19% have introduced a shorter work week

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