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Amrit Siew, senior products manager, discusses the latest analytic features with a colleague at LBMX.Provided

When Amrit Siew arrived in London, Ont., from the Caribbean to attend Fanshawe College’s one-year business analysis program, he set his sights on landing a co-op placement at LBMX Inc.

After learning that the London-based software company is the only global business-to-business platform connecting independent businesses, suppliers and buying groups, he knew it would be the perfect fit for his varied work experience.

“My heart was set on getting to LBMX,” says Siew, senior product manager, analytics.

Having worked in marketing and sales in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as data and e-commerce, he was attracted to the company’s diverse offerings and believed that if he was hired, he could help independent business owners and suppliers harness the power of real-time data to buy better and sell more.

In September 2019, he started Fanshawe College’s business analysis program, after learning about it through a friend. The following May he began a three-month co-op at LBMX, working as a business analyst in special projects. At the end of his co-op, he was asked to stay.

Candice Neil, director of human resources, says she jumps at the opportunity to welcome good co-op students on board. “We hire two to three students from Fanshawe College every term, and 40 per cent have gone on to become full-time employees,” she says.

The students who study in the artificial intelligence and machine learning program and in the computer programming and analysis program are often a perfect fit for the company.

“Once students get here, they see how great it is and they see the potential for themselves,” says Neil. “We have great mentors that students learn so much from. They see what a wonderful team we have, and they want to stay.”

The company offers an annual mentorship program. Employees are given the opportunity to be mentored by a senior executive. Meeting once a month for an hour, mentees choose which skills to focus on.

“We want people to grow, we want people to succeed, and we want to help them get there,” says Neil.

Last year, Siew was mentored by Greg Dinsdale, president and CEO, and learned holistically about leadership. “It was great,” says Siew. “He helped me break down some personal barriers I had and learn to be my authentic self within the company.”

As a manager now, Siew mentors his own team. He guides them through challenges, helps to develop their soft skills and ensures their good work is recognized within the company.

“LBMX has a work culture that is really inviting and supporting,” he says. “It’s a culture where it’s OK to make mistakes and say you don’t know something because at the end of the day, we are solving problems.”

Outside of LBMX, Siew gives back to the community by sitting on Fanshawe College’s business analysis advisory committee and by supporting co-op students. He informs the college about the industry’s current and future needs so there is alignment in the courses being developed.

“For me, having people mentor and guide me throughout my career helped so much. If I can do that for someone else then I will,” he says.

Helping others is integral to LBMX’s success. The company’s corporate charitable focus, LBMX Place, is about supporting music, education, children in sports and low-income families. One of their fun projects this year was supporting the London Girls Rock Camp. LBMX encourages employees to get involved with one paid volunteer day off annually and matching charitable donations.

“We believe in supporting our communities,” says Neil. “We have a culture of giving back.”

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