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The Vancouver team at Integrated Sustainability taking a tour of the Seymour-Capilano Water Filtration Plant during a professional development excursion.Provided

As a civil engineer, Hayley Whitington was inspired to leave her home in Australia to work at Integrated Sustainability out of a passion she shared with the company: sustainability. “The company works on a lot of energy projects, but with a focus on contributing a lasting positive impact,” says Whitington, a project manager at the Calgary head office. “And then the actual day-to-day working culture of the company really drew me in.”

The company’s size and breadth of projects affords plenty of opportunities for those who work there. “We have so many groups of different technical skills all coming together for projects,” she says. “Having the opportunity to work on diverse sustainability-focused projects with a range of team members – having enough size to get the interesting work and still be able to get to know everyone on the team – was really exciting for me.”

Murray Calder was working as an engineer in South Africa when he approached Integrated Sustainability to explore mutually beneficial work opportunities in Africa. He decided to relocate and join the team in Canada, where he is now the technical director for the company’s Vancouver office, and agrees that the exposure engineers get to different sectors is a big draw.

“We provide solutions to our clients in oil and gas, mining, and municipalities; we’re doing water resources, ESG consultation and recreational surf facilities,” he says. “Our staff are able to gain experience in all these fields and grow as engineers.”

Outside of Canada, the company has offices in the United States and the Caribbean. “People are moved in and out of various jurisdictions when resources are required on other projects,” he explains. “There are different nuances to the way things are done in different regions and how we build relationships with clients, and that just adds to the repertoire of the engineer.”

Despite working on different projects in various jurisdictions, employees still feel an overarching sense of teamwork. In Vancouver, Calder says, “the team communicates well across the whole spectrum of disciplines – project management, engineering and corporate.”

And, he adds, “we consistently encourage as many team members as we can to gather for lunch daily and foster an environment where open and judgment-free discussions can take place. Whether the topic is business-related or personal, it’s an opportunity for everyone to voice their thoughts, relieve some burdens and connect with each other.”

There is also company support and plenty of opportunities for employees to share their expertise with the outside community, either as individuals or as groups. From external technical presentations and professional development opportunities to sharing insight through partnerships with influential industry groups, the company fosters open knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Whitington is currently on the board of Women in Consulting Engineering Calgary, where she serves as mentorship director and gets to share her involvement with Integrated Sustainability staff. “We really try to focus on hearing what women’s experiences are and helping them to feel supported in the engineering environment,” she says. “It’s been very rewarding to get involved with that group and extend invitations to colleagues for events that they enjoy and benefit from.”

But what Whitington appreciates most is working toward the same goal with like-minded people. “Integrated attracts people that are really passionate about sustainability and the environment,” she says. “And that allows us to really champion that kind of attitude.”

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