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Jonathan Lessard, president and co-founder of Nexapp, with Claudie Gingras, director of culture and talents.Myriam Quenneville for Audet photo

When three software developers came together to create Nexapp in 2014, it was with a mission to raise the bar of quality for technology projects worldwide.

“We had a mission in mind to inspire the community with best practices in software engineering and to share our recipe with the world,” says Jonathan Lessard, president of Nexapp, who co-founded the company alongside vice-president of engineering Alexandre Walsh and technology lead Marc-Olivier Duval.

The Quebec City-based company aims to be the reference point for organizations in building high-quality, sustainable software that’s also scalable. Nexapp offers custom software development services, either developing turnkey software solutions for clients or working with their internal teams.

Earlier this year, the company launched its software-as-a-service app, Axify, which provides collaboration tools and data analytics aimed at improving process efficiency and, ultimately, helps development teams deliver better software products for users.

Nexapp’s focus is on improving collaboration, which in turn improves productivity and quality. The idea is to bring to each client, whether startups or established companies, the best practices established by industry leaders, Mr. Lessard says.

He says that includes the often-overlooked human element of software development – checking in with team members, ensuring morale remains high, and providing a transparent process where every team member is part of the collaboration.

“One of the key ingredients to success is our culture and shared values, such as vulnerability, trust and transparency, not only within the team but also with our clients,” says Claudie Gingras, the company’s director of culture and talents.

During the pandemic, the company was able to quickly adapt to working remotely while maintaining collaborative teams. “It justified having this human axis in Axify that would differentiate us on the market because we’re the only ones putting software metrics along with morale metrics on the same platform,” says Mr. Lessard.

“Preserving a tightly woven culture in a hybrid transition during sustained growth and a global pandemic was a big challenge but Nexapp was the best team to meet this challenge,” says Ms. Gingras.

In fact, the team grew from 25 people to more than 75 today, while the number of clients grew from 25 in 2019 to 46 currently. With such a dramatic increase in staff, the company had to build out marketing, human resources, finance, operations and sales teams. Over that time, the company also extended its offer from development to the whole software delivery process with the addition of design and strategy.

“While everything was slowing down, we had the courage to accelerate,” Mr. Lessard says. With his vice-president and general manager, Pier-Luc Rodrigue, he developed a growth plan to seize new opportunities.

Revenues have grown from $1.6-million in 2019 to $5.5-million in 2021. Nexapp is on track for 27-per-cent growth this year with expected revenues of $7-million. Its forecast exceeds $10-million in revenues in 2023.

The company works with clients in many sectors, including medical, insurance, finance, retail, tourism and transport. While most clients are so far concentrated in Quebec, as growth progresses, Mr. Lessard says, Nexapp is expanding in Canada and the United States.

He credits the collaboration within Nexapp’s own team with the rapid growth the company has experienced.

It has a high retention rate because it has a thorough hiring process and impressive benefits, which include a company chalet in one of Quebec’s most popular year-round outdoor recreation areas, Massif de Charlevoix, where employees can work remotely.

It is also a mission-driven culture, he adds.

“The projects we do have great impact and our people are very proud of contributing to those projects,” Mr. Lessard says.

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