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Daily life moves at the speed of sound. We need to hear the world as it happens — the voice of a child we cherish, the music that moves us, the friendships that sustain us. Digital hearing aids are a technology at the intersection of size, speed and performance. It has to be small, work without delay and be able to merge with other wireless devices, a minicomputer in the ear. <br><br> For Unitron, industry leadership means listening to the individual. User experience is their inspiration. When the patient and clinician sit down to talk about solutions, Unitron's device and software have generated real-world, secure and usable data to inform that conversation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will transform the world of technology, but the most successful companies will be transforming the way we live — one life at a time. <br><br> For more business insights, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <br><br> <em>This content was produced by The Globe and Mail's Globe Content Studio, in consultation with an advertiser. The Globe's editorial department was not involved in its creation.</em>