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Hot topics on the Globe Women’s Collective included mansplaining, urgency culture, toxic positivity, menopause, time theft and the pros and cons of high heels at work.Nemanja Mohenski/Getty Images

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As we wrap up 2023 and prepare to ring in a new year, we’ve collected some of the most popular pieces of content that ran on the Globe Women’s Collective the past 12 months.

We will return in January with more stories and insights about the challenges faced by Canadian women in their careers and the inspiring leaders making waves in their industries.

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Why ‘urgency culture’ in the workplace is failing everyone

When everything is deemed urgent, workers are left scrambling to keep up, constantly in motion and in a state of overwhelm. They suffer, and so does the work

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Newcomer women often struggle to pursue their careers in Canada. These programs are helping them succeed

Skills training, interview prep and mentorship can help skilled immigrant women land jobs that suit their interests and experience.

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Does wearing high heels at work make sense any more?

As workplaces get more casual and more people work from home, high heels seem less necessary. But the allure of the sky-high heel persists

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Mansplaining is rude, belittling and not going away. Here’s how to shut it down

Research shows that mansplaining is common in workplaces and it can erode confidence and job satisfaction

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Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

Women are drinking more, but alcohol addiction is still a taboo subject in the workplace

In order to reduce the stigma, the kind of education programs that have been employed around mental health should be extended to address alcohol and substance use

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How cracking down on ‘time theft’ affects women at work

As time theft becomes a growing concern for employers, crackdowns around flexible and remote work could have troubling implications for women

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Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

In the operating room and the hospital boardroom, women surgeons aren’t treated equally

They get paid less, face microaggressions and are discouraged from pursuing more prestigious, male-dominated specialties

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Delmaine Donson/Getty Images

‘Good vibes only’: Why toxic positivity in the workplace makes you miserable

Women are expected to react more positively to negative events, and the stress of hiding genuine feelings can be physically and mentally exhausting

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AFP/Getty Images

Mining is one of the most male-dominated industries. These CEOs want to change that

Jody Kuzenko and Aurora Davidson fought barriers on the way to the top of the mining industry. They want to make it easier for the next generation

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Weedezign/Getty Images

Unmanaged menopause symptoms cost the economy billions. Why aren’t we talking about it more?

The Globe Women’s Collective hosted a panel discussion on World Menopause Day to lift stigma and share information about menopause supports

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