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Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s business and investing news quiz. Join us each week to test your knowledge of the stories making the headlines. Our business reporters come up with the questions, and you can show us what you know.

This week in business and investing: A prominent Canadian tech company signed on to a code of conduct on how to best manage the use of artificial intelligence. Regulation is only expected to be implemented in two years, so companies have been signing on to voluntarily mitigate concerns about safety and transparency.

Meanwhile, news of Taylor Swift’s new football-playing beau could mean big bucks for the NFL. The singer was seen at a Kansas City Chiefs game to watch Travis Kelce this week, and his merch sales skyrocketed. Elsewhere, a Canadian Olympian gets into the startup biz, and an iconic Canadian snack is recalled from shelves.

Do you remember these stories? Take our quiz below to test your recall for the week ending Sept. 28.

1A yoga gear company and a bicycle (and gear) company announced a five-year partnership. They are:
a. Lululemon, Peloton
b. Yoga with Adriene, Peloton
c. Lululemon, Bianchi
d. Girlfriend Collective, Trek

a. Lululemon, Peloton. The two companies will work together to sell fitness gear and online classes. As part of the partnership, Lululemon has agreed to stop producing its Mirror product.

2Unveiling its new iPhone15, Apple announced its phones will now feature a USB-C charging port, instead of the previous Lightning port. But never fear, Apple also sells a Lightning/USB-C adapter. How much does it retail for?
a. $22
b. $39
c. $139
d. $29

b. $39. The accessory retails for $39, while the new iPhone itself starts at $1,129.

3Which popular dating app recently launched a plan that costs $499 a month?
a. Tinder
b. Match
c. Hinge
d. Bumble

a. Tinder. The exclusive plan, Tinder Select, has been offered to only about 1 per cent of its users so far.

4Who knew DVDs by mail were still a thing? Turns out Netflix's original business, sending customers movies by post, was still going. That's until this week, when the streamer announced its once-iconic red envelopes are no more. In what year did the business launch?
a. 2008
b. 2000
c. 2004
d. 1998

d. 1998. The first red envelope was sent in April, 1998.

5After Taylor Swift showed up at the Chiefs game Sunday night, jersey sales for the pop star's possible boyfriend, Travis Kelce, spiked how much?
a. 1,989 per cent
b. 400 per cent
c. 22 per cent
d. 330 per cent

b. 400 per cent. Sales of Kelce's number 87 jersey rose dramatically after the game. The Chiefs-Chicago Bears matchup drew 24.3 million viewers, making it that week's most-watched game in the NFL lineup.

6Which Canadian company signed on to a code of conduct to limit the harm of artificial intelligence?
a. Bank of Nova Scotia
b. Teck Resources
c. Blackberry
d. Shopify

c. Blackberry. The new code is a set of voluntary guidelines on safety and transparency put in place until formal AI regulation comes into force in two years.

7This yellow foodstuff was recalled because its plastic packaging was stuck to the product, causing people to choke.
a. Frozen potatoes
b. Kraft Singles
c. Cheesy Strings
d. That Yellow Stuff

b. Kraft Singles. More than 83,000 cases were recalled after the wrapping machines developed a temporary issue causing the plastic to stick to the cheese product. No serious injuries were reported.

8Which famous Canadian athlete sprinted into the startup investment game?
a. Christine Sinclair
b. Tristan Thompson
c. Andre De Grasse
d. Penny Oleksiak

c. Andre De Grasse. Through his new business ADG Ignite Ventures, the six-time Olympic medallist has acquired stakes in four Canadian companies.

1What streaming service joined Netflix in cracking down on shared passwords?
a. Crave
b. Amazon Prime
c. The Criterion Channel
d. Disney Plus

d. Disney Plus. Like Netflix's change earlier this year, its new terms prevent account holders from sharing their passwords outside of their primary residence.

How well did you do?

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