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1The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the 25,000-point threshold in 2018, but it also suffered a number of sharp one-day drops. What date saw the largest of these?
a) Feb. 5
b) Feb. 8
c) March 22
d) Oct. 10
e) Dec. 24

Answer: Feb. 5

2Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company, Cara Operations Ltd., bought Keg Restaurants Ltd. in early 2018 for about $200-million in cash and shares. In May, Cara changed its name to help it move away from any connections with its past business of providing airline food. What is its new name?
a) Restaurant Brands International
b) Recipe Unlimited
c) Goodfood Market
d) HelloFresh
e) The Keg Brands Group

Answer: Recipe Unlimited

3After British Columbia proposed rules that would effectively prevent Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley moved to block imports of $70-million worth of what from B.C.?
a) Cannabis
b) Lumber
c) Wine
d) Salmon
e) Nanaimo bars

Answer: Wine

4Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. chairman Larry Tanenbaum teamed up with former NBA player Ulysses (Junior) Bridgeman this year to purchase what?
a) The Canadian Frito-Lay packaging plant
b) Pwdr Group, which manufactures Gatorade’s protein powder line Essntl
c) Coca-Cola’s Canadian bottling and distribution network
d) A 50-per-cent stake in Drake’s Toronto restaurant Pick 6ix
e) Joe’s Floors, which maintains the basketball court at the Scotiabank Arena

Answer: Coca-Cola Co.’s Canadian bottling and distribution network

5The U.S. International Trade Commission struck down punishing duties on imports of Bombardier’s C Series airliners into the United States. What was the proposed duty?
a) 25 per cent
b) 75 per cent
c) 100 per cent
d) 300 per cent
e) 500 per cent

Answer: 300 per cent

6Which shopping centre was home to the first Nordstrom Rack outlet in Canada?
a) Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga
b) Deerfoot Meadows in Calgary
c) South Edmonton Common in Edmonton
d) Vaughan Mills in Vaughan, Ont.
e) Ottawa Train Yards in Ottawa

Answer: Vaughan Mills in Vaughan, Ont.

7In response to a petition signed by more than 5,000 people, Mountain Equipment Co-op announced in March that it would stop selling products under the umbrella of Vista Outdoor Inc. Vista is a Utah firm that owns Savage Arms, a company that makes assault rifles similar to the gun used in a mass shooting at a Florida high school. What other Vista product line was removed by MEC?
a) Nike
b) The North Face
c) Osprey
d) CamelBak
e) Petzl

Answer: CamelBak

8Which of the companies below did not have a CEO change in 2018?
a) WestJet
b) MEG Energy
c) Canadian National Railway
d) Hydro One
e) Sobeys

Answer: Sobeys

9Ian Power became one of the first people in Canada in nearly a century to own a gram of legal recreational cannabis after lining up for hours at Canopy Growth’s Tweed store in St. John’s. What was the name of the strain he chose?
a) Bakerstreet
b) Penelope
c) Highlands
d) Boaty McBoatface
e) Donegal

Answer: Donegal

10Two of Canada’s largest unions took a company to task this year for dress-code requirements it argued were sexist. What employer was at the centre of the dispute?
a) Royal Bank of Canada
b) Air Canada
c) Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
d) Restaurant Brands International
e) Rogers Communications

Answer: Air Canada

11Which telecom company launched a discount wireless brand this year called Fizz?
a) Videotron
b) Bell
c) Rogers
d) Shaw
e) Telus

Answer: Videotron

12Statistics Canada is seeking greater access to private-sector consumer data to improve its reports. The federal Privacy Commissioner launched an investigation when Statscan asked which sector to provide it with customer records?
a) Telecom
b) Nursing homes
c) Restaurant
d) Banking
e) Technology

Answer: Banking

13In Leger’s annual ranking of companies by reputation, which of the following did not make the Top 10?
a) Hudson’s Bay
b) Shoppers Drug Mart
c) Canadian Tire
d) Dollarama
e) Kraft

Answer: Hudson’s Bay

14In an unusual move, Spotify went public with a direct listing. How did the shares perform on their first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange?
a) Up 24.2 per cent
b) Up 12.9 per cent
c) Up 4.6 per cent
d) Up 2.5 per cent
e) Down 1.2 per cent

Answer: Up 12.9 per cent

15Enbridge Inc. made good on its promise to streamline its corporate structure this year, buying out its four publicly traded subsidiaries for $11.4-billion in stock. Which of these entities was NOT one of the four?
a) Spectra Energy Partners
b) Enbridge Energy Partners
c) Enbridge Energy Capital
d) Enbridge Energy Management
e) Enbridge Income Fund Holdings

Answer: Enbridge Energy Capital

16“To the very end, he had a brain as sharp as can be. We all dream of the kind of energy he had at his age.” Who were these comments about?
a) Sergio Marchionne
b) Steve Allen
c) Jim Shaw
d) Peter Munk
e) John McCain

Answer: Peter Munk

17“The internet is growing in importance around the world in people’s lives, and I think that it is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation.” Which tech CEO said it?
a) Microsoft’s Satya Nadella
b) Amazon’s Jeff Bezos
c) Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
d) Twitter’s Jack Dorsey
e) Alphabet’s Larry Page

Answer: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

18A Globe and Mail analysis found a record amount of borrowing in HELOCs. What does HELOC stand for?
a) Heavy exposure liability on capital
b) Hedged estimated liquidity on capital
c) Huge, extremely lucrative ordinary credit
d) Home equity line of credit
e) High equity, leveraged offset collateral

Answer: Home equity line of credit

19Which Canadian company formed a partnership with ride-sharing service Lyft, investing US$200-million to develop self-driving technology?
a) Magna International
b) Linamar
c) Martinrea International
d) ABC Group
e) Multimatic

Answer: Magna International

20New legislation in Britain required companies to disclose gender pay gaps. Which Canadian company with operations in the U.K. had the highest disparity, with female employees in Britain receiving 48 per cent less than men (and 84 per cent less on bonuses)?
a) Bombardier
b) Toronto-Dominion Bank
c) CGI
d) BlackBerry
e) Thomson Reuters

Answer: Toronto-Dominion Bank

21Prices for a widely followed heavy-oil benchmark plummeted due to Canada’s pipeline capacity shortage. What is the benchmark called?
a) Western Canada Select
b) Canadian Western Select
c) Western Canadian Select
d) Select Canadian Western
e) Western Canadian Sludge

Answer: Western Canadian Select

22A “penny stock” usually refers to a company with a stock price of less than $1. Which of the following fell below that threshold in 2018?
a) General Electric
b) J.C. Penney
c) Torstar
d) A, B and C
e) B and C

Answer: J.C. Penney and Torstar

23How many times did the Bank of Canada raise its key interest rate this year?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
e) 4

Answer: 3

24On April 27, something unusual happened at the Toronto Stock Exchange. What was it?
a) All the TSX-listed energy companies gained exactly 12 per cent
b) Three cannabis companies went public on the same day
c) Bausch Health Companies reverted to trading under its former name, Valeant Pharmaceuticals
d) Trading was halted due to technical problems, leading to the exchange being shut down early
e) Justin Bieber made a celebrity appearance

Answer: Trading was halted due to technical problems, leading to the exchange being shut down early

25Although Toys “R” Us closed its doors this year in the United States, its Canadian counterpart survives. What entity purchased the Canadian stores?
b) Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
c) Onex Corp.
d) Jim Pattison Group
e) Fairfax Financial

Answer: Fairfax Financial

26Which company was NOT the subject of a proxy battle this past year?
a) Crescent Point Energy
b) Maxar
c) DavidsTea
d) Detour Gold
e) Campbell Soup

Answer: Maxar

27Looking for cash to pay down its debt, DHX Media sold 49 per cent of its interest in which franchise?
a) PawPatrol
b) Peanuts
c) Teletubbies
d) Strawberry Shortcake
e) Caillou

Answer: Peanuts

28Which Canadian marijuana company had a particularly volatile trading day in September, with its share price nearly doubling before losing half its value (and triggering five trading halts)?
a) Cronos
b) Aphria
c) Canopy
d) Aurora
e) Tilray

Answer: Tilray

29In May, Canada's billionaire Desmarais family announced it would turn Montreal-based La Presse into an independent, not-for-profit news organization. Desmarais-controlled Power Corp. made a contribution as it cut La Presse loose. How much did it donate?
a) $1-million
b) $10-million
c) $50-million
d) $100-million
e) $1-billion

Answer: $50-million

30Which grocery store announced it would buy Ontario chain Farm Boy for $800-million?
a) Sobeys Inc. parent Empire Co. Ltd.
b) Loblaw Cos. Ltd.
c) Metro Inc.
d) Whole Foods Market Inc.
e) Walmart Canada Corp.

Answer: Sobeys Inc. parent Empire Co. Ltd.

31“Feel the market, don’t just go by meaningless numbers.” Who tweeted it?
a) Warren Buffett
b) Elon Musk
c) Jack Dorsey
d) Donald Trump
e) Jerome Powell

Answer: Donald Trump

32“Am considering taking [company] private at $420. Funding secured.” Who tweeted it?
a) Warren Buffett
b) Elon Musk
c) Jack Dorsey
d) Donald Trump
e) Mark Zuckerberg

Answer: Elon Musk

33The U.S. granted Canada a key concession in late September that helped pave the way for a new North American trade deal. What was it?
a) The U.S. agreed to drop its tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum
b) The U.S. allowed Canada to keep its duties on consumer purchases from the U.S. at current levels
c) The U.S. backed off its demand to end the Chapter 19 dispute-resolution system
d) The U.S. dropped its demand for more access to Canada’s dairy market
e) The U.S. offered to give Canada the U.S. version of Netflix

Answer: The U.S. backed off its demand to end the Chapter 19 dispute-resolution system

34In 2012, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan bought a 70-per-cent stake of apparel brand Helly Hansen for a reported $326-million. Canadian Tire bought Helly Hansen in 2018. What was the sale price?
a) $400-million
b) $508-million
c) $725-million
d) $985-million
e) $1.04-billion

Answer: $985-million

35General Motors said it plans to close its Oshawa, Ont., assembly plant in late 2019. What models are assembled at the plant?
a) Chevrolet Bolt and Chevrolet Volt
b) Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Malibu
c) Chevrolet Cruze and Cadillac XT4
d) Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac XTS
e) Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac XT4

Answer: Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac XTS

36In September, the parent company of Tim Hortons took what action against the head of a franchisee association that had battled the company over costs and management issues?
a) The company seized his Tim Hortons stores and locked him out
b) The company forced him to switch his Tim Hortons stores to Popeyes outlets
c) The company cut off the supply of coffee, doughnuts and other foods to his stores
d) The company filed suit against him, alleging he failed to meet contractual obligations
e) The company forced him to eat a 40-pack of Timbits in 10 minutes

Answer: The company seized his Tim Hortons stores and locked him out

37RioCan REIT and Hudson’s Bay entered talks to redevelop what property?
a) The site of the former Eaton’s store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre
b) A vacant site owned by both companies on Montreal’s Saint-Catherine Street
c) The site of HBC’s store in downtown Vancouver
d) A retail property in the Bronx owned by HBC and leased by WeWork
e) The vacation home of HBC executive chairman Richard Baker

Answer: The site of HBC’s store in downtown Vancouver

38Bombardier announced a deal in November to sell what part of the business?
a) The C Series jetliner program
b) A manufacturing centre for train equipment in Sweden
c) The Global 7500 business jet division
d) The Q Series turboprop program
e) A and B

Answer: The Q Series turboprop program

39Auto parts magnate Frank Stronach and his wife, Elfriede, filed an extraordinary lawsuit against daughter Belinda Stronach. Which of the following is NOT one of the claims in the suit?
a) That Belinda used company money for personal and family expenses
b) That Belinda bought an expensive office near downtown Toronto the company didn’t need
c) That Belinda spent more than $5-million in corporate funds on a party at the Kentucky Derby
d) That Belinda blocked her father from getting capital for his beef ranch and related businesses
e) That Belinda put the company’s private jet for sale without asking his permission

Answer: That Belinda spent more than $5-million in corporate funds on a party at the Kentucky Derby

40Amazon decided to split its much-coveted “HQ2” between two sites. Which ones?
a) New York and Washington
b) New York and Arlington, Va.
c) New York and Arlington, Tex.
d) Arlington, Tex., and Washington
e) Atlanta and Toronto

Answer: New York and Arlington, Va.

41Why did the province of Alberta decide to suspend issuing licences for new cannabis stores?
a) There wasn’t enough legal cannabis available to serve the existing stores
b) Two chains were caught opening up new locations without a licence
c) A number of stores had quality-control problems, causing a few customers to get sick
d) Local municipalities sued the province, saying they were not consulted on store locations
e) The province lost a legal challenge on cannabis stores filed by Loblaw and Rexall

Answer: There wasn’t enough legal cannabis available to serve the existing stores

42Marketing firm Aimia was trading for nearly $9 in 2017 when Air Canada struck a massive blow by announcing it would withdraw from Aimia’s Aeroplan loyalty program. This year, Air Canada did a U-turn and decided instead to lead a group that would buy Aeroplan. Where did Aimia’s share price close on Dec. 24, the day the sale won regulatory approval?
a) $4.71
b) $9.60
c) $11.44
d) $3.35
e) $2.50, and available at Dollarama

Answer: $3.35

43Which cannabis producer became the first Canadian company to list on the Nasdaq exchange?
a) Aurora
b) CannTrust
d) Aphria
e) Cronos

Answer: Cronos

44Ottawa in May announced that it would buy the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan in the largest federal government intervention since the auto bailout of 2008. What was the price of the deal?
a) $2.4-billion
b) $4.5-billion
c) $5.9-billion
d) $7.1-billion
e) 9.8-billion

Answer: $4.5-billion

45What happened to Michael Kenyon, Detour Gold’s chief executive officer, after a group of investors launched a fight to shake up the company’s board of directors?
a) He was fired
b) He was elevated to chairman
c) He left to take a senior position at Newmont Mining
d) He resigned
e) He quit, then reversed his decision after the new directors persuaded him to stay

Answer: He resigned

46“I find sports and business so similar, because they're competitive, you play by the rules and, in a public company, you keep score, so you really know if you're doing well against your competitors.” Who said it?
a) Toronto Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan
b) BCE chief executive George Cope
c) Madison Square Garden executive chairman James Dolan
d) Guy Laurence, former CEO of Rogers Communications, now CEO of soccer club Chelsea FC
e) Onex Corp. boss Gerry Schwartz

Answer: BCE Inc. chief executive George Cope

47Apple’s market value topped US$1-trillion in August during a period of a strong performance for tech stocks. What was the company worth at the end of the trading day on Dec. 28?
a) US$741-billion
b) US$680-billion
c) US$854-billion
d) US$696-billion
e) US$714-billion

Answer: US$741-billion

48What did Ontario Premier Doug Ford use as a nickname for former Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt?
a) “The power pig”
b) “Mayo the money man”
c) “The six-million-dollar man”
d) “The hydro hog”
e) “Scheming Schmitty”

Answer: “The six-million-dollar man”

49Who did British MP Jacob Rees-Mogg refer to as “a second-tier Canadian politician”?
a) Justin Trudeau
b) John Baird
c) Doug Ford
d) Mark Carney
e) Bill Morneau

Answer: Mark Carney

50“I kind of knew that I was coming into a significant challenge. That’s the reason why I took [the job]. You would say, ‘This guy is crazy.’ I am a little bit crazy. You know, I thrive on challenges.” Who said it?
a) Manulife CEO Roy Gori
b) Empire Co. CEO Michael Medline
c) Rogers Communications CEO Joe Natale
d) Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare
e) Randgold Resources CEO Mark Bristow

Answer: Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare

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