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Featuring stories about Canadian companies using the technology to innovate and grow their operations and make our lives more efficient — and interesting

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The AI Advantage: How artificial intelligence is transforming how we live, work and play

Featuring stories about Canadian companies using the technology to innovate and grow their operations and make our lives more efficient — and interesting

How this company is using data-driven drug discovery to fight disease

It can take, on average, more than a decade and about $1-billion for a new pharmaceutical drug to make its way from the lab to the prescription pad.

How this education company is using tech to take the load off teachers

It was after their teacher friends started regularly dropping out of social commitments that entrepreneurs Rakesh Kamath and Carl Mascarenhas got the idea for their education technology company JoeZoo Inc. The pair, who aren’t teachers, didn’t understand just how challenging and time-consuming it was grading students’ work.

Why astronauts are wearing this Montreal company’s smart clothing

The founders of Montreal-based Carré Technologies Inc. set out to use artificial intelligence to improve health care for an aging population. The journey has taken a few unexpected turns, including a foray into cutting-edge wearable technology and even into space.

A smart receipt company that’s capturing the big banks’ attention

In a world where mail is electronic, newspapers are digital and banking can be done on your phone, the continued existence of paper receipts is a bit of an anachronism. They accumulate in forgotten shoeboxes, get discarded accidentally and go through the wash in the back pockets of jeans, losing useful information in the process.

Using technology to put more power in the hands of patients

Shaneel Pathak used to carry a binder brimming with documents, test results, prescription information and other critical data from appointment to appointment with a multitude of health care providers as he and his wife, Heing Taing, navigated their way through her cancer diagnosis.

How robot carpenters could help solve Canada’s housing crisis

Robots constructing homes may sound like science fiction. Yet a Toronto-based startup aims to make this futuristic idea a reality within the next year, leveraging advances in automation, advanced manufacturing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

How a father and son duo is using technology to keep pilots in the air

Just as air travel was beginning to recover to prepandemic levels at the beginning of summer, American Airlines was forced to cancel nearly 200 flights in a single weekend because of a shortage of pilots and crew.

How technology is making it easier to be a vegan

It has become a bit of a cliché to say a new startup has designs on being the Amazon of its segment. But online vegan marketplace Vejii does seem to tick the boxes: It plans on both dominating and growing the plant-based product space and is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance and personalize its customer experience.

How a Vancouver company is making your swim goggles smarter

It was during an entrepreneurship class at the University of British Columbia 15 years ago that Dan Eisenhardt came up with the idea to make performance-tracking swim goggles similar to what runners and cyclists were starting to use on their wrists.

How this Montreal-based AI company is making buildings run better

Buildings have a big environmental problem. More than one-third of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from both the construction of new buildings and the heating and cooling of existing ones, according to the World Building Council. It’s why the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has identified reducing building emissions as critical to meeting the goals of the 2016 Paris climate agreement.

Why everyone from students to NASA is using this Canadian invention

Our brains have long relied on machines to help with mathematics – calculators being the most obvious example. But there’s a Canadian-made technology that’s helping students and researchers master math at a much higher level thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

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