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The pandemic has made a lot of us rethink work. How we work. Why we work. Who we work for. And who we work with.

For many women (myself included), those questions are often ladened with other worries: Am I good enough? Will childcare keep me from performing my best? Am I due for a promotion or pay raise? How can I have a bigger voice at the decision-making table?

We want to help you, our readers, navigate and push past these questions and more. Together with our founding partner, Visa Canada, and brand partners Aviso Wealth, Dentons Canada LLP, First Capital REIT, KPMG in Canada, Novo Nordisk, McKinsey & Co., OMERS, and Suncor, we’re launching the Globe Women’s Collective, a new initiative to support and advance women in business.

The initiative was inspired by The Globe’s recent Power Gap investigation, which shed light on the continued gender inequality at organizations across the country. We wanted to know whether public discourse and promises made about fixing gender imbalances were translating into the workplace. While women represent about half of Canada’s workforce, our reporting and data analysis found that men still hold the bulk of decision-making positions, and they continue to dramatically outnumber, outrank and outearn their female colleagues.

Through a series of events, articles, and roundtable discussions, we aim to change that. We will offer tools and advice to help solve some of the most persistent issues that affect women in the modern workplace – issues that have only been heightened by working remotely through this pandemic. How do we advance and retain more women in leadership positions, and how can we better support those who are starting on their career path?

We hope to use this program to exchange ideas and further amplify, empower and advance the voices and talents of women in business. What are the issues and bottlenecks you would like explored? You can email us at

Please join along on this journey with us. You can read all the stories in the series here, and subscribe to the new Women and Work newsletter here.


Angela Pacienza, Executive Editor