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What’s on your career wish list for 2023? To jumpstart your introspection, we’ve collected some of the most popular pieces of content from 2022 on the Globe Women’s Collective.

In the coming year, we’ll continue to bring you stories and insights about the challenges faced by Canadian women in the workplace and the exciting ways they are achieving and sustaining success.

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Maggie Naylor/The Globe and Mail

Retirement-aged women are coming up with creative ways to supplement their income

With consulting, contract work and new business ventures, women in their 50s and 60s are reimagining retirement.

Alex Franklin/The Globe and Mail

Burnt-out Canadian nurses are shipping out for better working conditions and pay

Experts and advocates say the time is now to stem this brain drain by giving nursing professionals the support they need.

Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

Looking for a way to reduce work stress? Try mountain biking

Women’s mountain biking groups like the Wild Bettys and Muddbunnies help members detach from work stress by getting into the ‘flow.’

Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

Long COVID is taking a toll on the careers and mental health of women

Researchers looking at the long-term effects of COVID-19 have found that they seem to affect women more significantly than men. And there’s no clear respite in sight.

Della Rollins/The Globe and Mail

Companies want employees to ‘bring their whole selves to work.’ For Black professionals, that can be risky

Workplace bias and tone policing can make Black employees feel like they don’t belong in corporate Canada. But employers can take steps to create a more welcoming culture.

Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

How one of Canada’s only female chief economists is clearing the path for women in banking

Beata Caranci knows what it’s like to be underestimated in a male-dominated profession. Now, she’s one of the country’s most influential voices.

SDI Productions

Think you’re too nice to be an effective leader? Consider ‘quiet leadership’

How a softer, one-on-one approach can nurture untapped potential. Plus, a reader asks about the best way to find and approach a mentor.

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