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We’re now four months past the launch of this newsletter, so as we wrap up 2021 and head into the new year, here’s a look at some of the most popular pieces of content on the Globe Women’s Collective.

We’ll be back with new content the first week in January.

Happy holidays and all our best for 2022.

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In order to reduce the gender wage gap, make all salaries transparent

Whether it’s a small office or a massive corporation, salary is the biggest secret in every workplace

Pavle Bugarski/iStockPhoto / Getty Images

Tackling toxic ‘bro culture’ in the workplace

Sexist remarks and behaviour at work can be demoralizing for women – what’s the best way to combat it?

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Could IVF and egg freezing become the new norm for company group benefit plans?

In a bid to attract and retain talent, more companies are adding fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg freezing to their workplace health insurance benefits

fizkes/iStockPhoto / Getty Images

Women apologize too much in the workplace and it’s hurting them

While there are occasions where saying sorry is warranted, apologizing too much can minimize women’s accomplishments and affect their ability to advance

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The truth about women and burnout: Self-care is a crock

Yoga, naps, long baths with scented candles – self-care is often presented as a cure-all for women experiencing burnout. But systemic issues at work are usually the real problem to be solved

CHRIS JOUBERT/iStockPhoto / Getty Images

The invisible work of ‘office housekeeping’: Women do more of it and it’s harming their careers

From circulating birthday cards to ordering sandwiches for lunch meetings, this invisible labour often done by women can cause burnout and widen the promotion gap

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