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Happy International Women’s Day!

At the Globe Women’s Collective, we believe every day is a good day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and examine the challenges that equity-seeking groups face in the workplace.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we’ve collected some of our favourite stories from the past year highlighting women we admire, leaders we can learn from and individuals doing interesting things to propel their careers, their communities and their industries forward. We invite you to take a look.

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Kate Dockeray

Donna E. Young is reimagining a law school for the future

A focus on discrimination, diversity sets the Lincoln Alexander School of Law apart.

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Reddit’s Jen Wong is a tech leader doing things her way

As a queer, Asian child of immigrants, Jen Wong spent a long time trying not to be different. Now, she says her difference is her strength.

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Marie-Claude Michaud and Roméo Dallaire on leading with vulnerability to revolutionize the workplace

This approach rejects a traditional, autocratic leadership style to place employees’ well-being at the centre of everything.

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How to hustle: Program helps Black women entrepreneurs think bigger

Private membership network Modern Hustle Collective builds community and skills for business owners across Canada.

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Tijana Martin

A platform where Indigenous artists can shine

Sage and Skye Paul create art and fashion using traditional techniques while giving Indigenous creators a platform to shine.

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DARRYL DYCK/The Globe and Mail

Canada’s growing death care industry offers a different way to die

When loved ones pass, they are often rushed to a funeral home and quickly hidden from public view. But these women facilitate a slower, gentler process.

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Brenda LaRose is building bridges to help hire more Indigenous executives

As the founder of Higgins Executive Search, Brenda LaRose was among the first to bring Indigenous perspectives to the forefront of Canadian organizations.

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Rising online comics build their brands and their businesses

These Canadian creators entertain millions on YouTube and TikTok, balancing content creation with running their businesses in a tricky industry.

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Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

Celebrating Pride on the farm: Diversity is on the rise in agriculture

While LBGTQ+ people can face discrimination and hostility in rural, farming communities, their visibility is growing as agriculture becomes more diverse.

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New leadership books by prominent women urge executives to go beyond the ‘tried and true’

These influential women say purpose, adaptability and preparedness are key to navigating teams through challenging times.

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