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With the new year comes a new resolve to seize the day, get more done and waste less time on distractions. With that goal in mind, we’ve rounded up the best advice we’ve published on being productive, both at work and in daily life.


Advice from the pros

A productivity guru’s personal organization system

Cal Newport, a Georgetown University computer science professor and author of several books – including Deep Work – offers a glimpse into his productivity systems.

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The secret to productivity: Laziness

Don’t mistake busy-ness for importance, says Michael Lewis, author of a string of bestsellers, including Moneyball, Liar's Poker and The Undoing Project.

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Twenty time-management tips to improve your productivity

Montreal-based consultant Étienne Garbugli shares advice on how to organize ourselves effectively in an overwhelming world.

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Brainy tips to boost productivity

Manhattan neuroscientist Josh Davis looks to neuroscience research for practical tips for overwhelmed workers.

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Four easy ways to become more productive

Dealing with distractions has always been a challenge for Brian Scudmore, CEO of O2E Brands. Here’s how he stays on task.

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How to procrastinate productively

The notion of procrastinating productively sounds like an oxymoron but productivity coach Helene Segura says it's quite possible, as long as you prepare in advance.

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The four ways to divide your day

Productivity consultant Charlie Gilkey advocates ‘time blocking,’ setting aside carefully considered chunks of time for appropriate tasks.

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The top 15 productivity tips

Leon Ho has read 100 books on productivity, and from them catalogued 15 elements to being efficient and effective.

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How to stay focused in the modern workplace

Working remotely? Stay productive with these tips

As we move beyond the confines of the conventional desk space, a number of real-world distractions come into play that remote employees have to conquer to help stay focused.

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‘Distraction deluge’ is a productivity killer

Distractions may stem from endless e-mail notifications, ringing phones, chatty co-workers and the need to keep up with multiple social media feeds.

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Companies experiment with reducing work hours in bid to boost productivity

Some companies have tested the concept of reducing work hours as a way of improving individual productivity. Here’s what they found.

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Better health, better productivity

All the lonely people: The connection between sleep, loneliness and productivity

More than a quarter of Canadians report being fatigued most days and that has an impact on their work and well-being.

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Afraid to disconnect from work? Why you should get over it

Taking time off and fully disconnecting has become more difficult than ever before. Our need to be connected influences not only how we work but also how we take breaks.

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Meditate your way to better productivity

At the start of one hectic day, Gandhi is reputed to have said, "I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one." Contained in that counterintuitive argument is the reason for pursuing the practice of mindfulness – but also the reason we don't.

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