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We asked seven designers and taste makers to send us a peek at their home offices, along with their tips for what has helped them stay focused

Seven inspirational set-ups for your home office

Workers across the country are settling into their new work-from-home routines. But we all know that the environment we work in can affect how productive we are. If the adjustment to working remotely has been challenging, maybe a change in space may help.

We asked seven designers and taste makers to send us their work-from-home set-ups, along with their tips for what has helped them stay focused.

Amy McNeil

Art Director, Sheertex

“On Day 6 of isolation, I decided to rearrange my entire apartment and hid my bed around a dark corner, leaving loads of room for my new office/painting studio/yoga room. I now have all the space I need to stay focused, feel creative and to learn all the ridiculous TikTok dances my friends are challenging me to do. One hot WFH tip I have that helps me start my day happy is to make a hot breakfast every morning – a tiny luxury that you can’t have at the office.”

Ben Barry

Chair of Fashion, Ryerson University

“I’ve turned our kitchen table into the temporary office desk for myself and my husband. I’ve also set up a mic and fill light here for online meetings and lectures. I made my favourite chair in our home my new desk chair. It also happens to be our dog Apple’s favourite, so we end up sharing it most of the time. If you live in a smaller space and are sharing a desk with a partner, my tip is to schedule work and meetings for the week together. You can then plan out who needs to use the desk and who can work from the couch.”

Byron Peart

Co-Founder, GOODEE

“The work-from-home transition for my husband and I was easy since we already had a home office set up. By choosing to locate the office in an underappreciated yet well-lit nook in the guest room, it has afforded me the opportunity to use a wonderful area that would not naturally have been occupied otherwise. Dedicating a work area in a separate room has been particularly helpful as it permits for a private space to take video conferences while doubling as a leisurely hotspot to take a break and cozy up to a good book.”

Dexter Peart

Co-Founder, GOODEE

“As entrepreneurs, home has always been a place of work and leisure for my wife and I, so this transition has been rather seamless. Our solarium was designed as our mindful sanctuary, with an eclectic mix of Scandinavian textile, antique furniture, tropical plants and various art pieces from our travels – that is until our daughters reappropriated it as an arts-and-crafts/slime playroom. It’s been a welcome change to now have the space return closer to its original function – and cleanliness. As spring approaches, I am excited to watch the outdoor plants come back to life and add more beauty to my new work environment.”

Liz Bertorelli

Merchant Relations, Shopify

"My workspace is eclectic and much different from other spaces in the house. It’s the most colourful and purposefully cluttered – filled with books, art, my photography and 'knick-knacks’ to help stimulate creative thinking. "

“Like my dog, Olive, I find it helpful to move around throughout the day for a change of scenery. Now that I’m working from home more, I’m planning to hang more prints and surround myself with plants (to act as my co-workers). My work-from-home tip is to try and stick to the same routine you had when you were going into the office. This also helps to differentiate between weekdays and weekends.”

Wesley Chau

Industrial Designer, Yabu Pushelberg

“I live in a home with two roommates, so I set up shop in my bedroom as I thought it was the most conducive space to productivity and uninterrupted focus. I was able to bring home some drawing tools and a large monitor from the office. It’s been nice to be in my own curated space surrounded by my books and favourite objects. My tip for working at home is to streamline your notifications into one device. This helps prevent a surround sound orchestra of alerts.”

Ethan Song

Co-Founder and CEO, Frank and Oak

“My workspace is very simple. I don’t like to have many things around as I get easily distracted. Since the start of this crisis, I’ve been looking to further simplify and just be mindful of the moment. I do like to have a few picture books around for moments of escape and inspiration. My fiancé also introduced me to the pleasures of essential oils and diffusers, which I find highly relaxing. A tip to survive – try to get some fresh air every once in a while, maybe on a balcony. That first gasp of air brings optimism about what the future holds.”

Credits: Collected by ANDREA YU; Editing by STEPHANIE CHAN; Design and development by JEANINE BRITO