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Chief executive Christian Sewing personally called Deutsche Bank staff members to admonish them for having suit fittings at its London office on the same day that hundreds of their colleagues were fired, Handelsblatt quoted him as saying.

Germany’s largest lender was criticised on social media when tailors were seen leaving its London offices on Monday after a suit fitting, hours after the bank said it would reduce its headcount by 18,000 people.

“I don’t understand why someone at our London office on Monday ordered a tailor for custom-made suits,” Sewing was quoted as saying in an interview published on Thursday.

“This behaviour is in no way consistent with our values,” he told the newspaper.

Asked if the incident would have consequences, Sewing said: “If you see it as a consequence that the CEO personally calls his colleagues and talks to them about it, then yes.”

Sewing said the staff concerned would “not forget” his call.

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