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The Globe and Mail partnered with Statista to determine which law firms in Canada are held in the highest esteem by their colleagues

The Globe and Mail partnered with Statista to determine which law firms in Canada are held in the highest esteem by their colleagues. From corporate to cannabis law, these results reflect the 200 firms that received the highest number of recommendations from others in their field.


Almost 25,000 lawyers as well as in-house lawyers and legal executives working in legal departments of a company across Canada were actively invited to take part in the survey. The sample was collected via research conducted by Statista on company websites and further public available sources. Invitations were sent by email with a personalized link that could only be used once.

In addition, lawyers and clients could participate in the survey via an open link. In these cases, the participants had to validate themself by providing a personal company email address before their answers were included in the evaluation. The link was announced and made available online on The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine's website.

The survey, available in English and French, was conducted online between May 16 and July 11, 2023 and more than 3,100 responded to the invitation. Statista recorded more than 10,000 recommendations for the law firms in the different fields of law. Self-recommendations (or recommendations of one’s own law firm) were prohibited, and these recommendations were not included in the evaluation.

The participants were also asked to answer some optional editorial questions. There was also an opportunity to answer questions specifically focused on developments in the Canadian legal world.

Canada’s best law firms were identified in 31 different legal fields, based on the number of recommendations they received for a respective legal field.

The lists of the top law firms in the various categories were determined after careful examination, based on the available data. The research team endeavoured to be as complete in its reach as possible, within reasonable means.

About Statista: Statista publishes worldwide established rankings and company listings with high profile media partners. This research and analysis service is based on the success of It is a leading data and business intelligence portal provides statistics, business relevant data, and various market and consumer studies and surveys. For information about the methodology please contact, for licensing the award logo please contact

Canada’s best law firms list

* The Canada's Best Law Firms list was finalized in August 2023. Since that time Ridout & Maybee has merged with Smart & Biggar LLP

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