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Meet the 2023 winners here!

CEOs get the glory, but they’re not the whole story.

We believe non-CEO leaders—whether at the C-suite, EVP or SVP levels—are often the under-celebrated heroes of Canadian industry. Their work leading key teams, managing crucial files and setting and executing core strategies keep the economy humming. And that deserves an opportunity to shine.

Established in 2020, the Report on Business magazine Best Executive Awards program is an annual initiative meant to celebrate exceptional non-CEO leaders at the SVP, EVP and C-Suite levels.

Our goal is to celebrate the leaders who don't always make headlines, but whose work the world deserves to know about. We'll be showcasing 2024 winners in the May 2024 issue of Report on Business magazine, and online in the magazine's section of The Globe and Mail's website.

2024 Nomination form

Best Executive Summit

The Best Executive Summit is an awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the year's award winners and to network with fellow execuitves and industry peers.

This year's event will be held on May 2, 2024 at The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible, an executive must:

  • Occupy a position below the CEO (or equivalent) level.
  • Occupy a position above the SVP (or equivalent) level.
  • Be working for a Canadian corporation (public or private businesses), or the Canadian arm of an international corporation for a minimum of one year. Executives at not-for-profits, government institutions and/or academic institutions are also eligible, provided they work in a business capacity in one of the nomination categories (finance, technology, operations, sales and marketing, human resources and sustainabilty and DEI.

How will winners be chosen?

The Best Executive Awards are selected by the Report on Business editorial team, based on both newsroom nominations and those submitted from the public via our online nomination form. Each nominee will be assessed in four criteria:

  • Background. Is there anything noteworthy about his/her career trajectory? What can executives of today and tomorrow learn from him/her?
  • Style. What makes the nominee’s leadership/management style stand out?
  • Achievements. What specific thing(s) has the nominee accomplished in his/her role? How did his/her leadership drive those achievements?
  • Impact. How have his/her contributions materially affected his/her organization, industry and/or business community?

When and where will the awards be announced?

Coverage of all winners and nominees will be published in the Report on Business magazine section of, and in print in the May 2024 issue of Report on Business magazine (distributed in late April, 2024).

Winners will also be announced via press release on The Globe and Mail corporate news site in late February.

What is the nomination deadline?

January 26, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST.

Who can submit a nomination?

Individuals can be nominated by a colleague, a peer, a boss or a direct report. However, Report on Business magazine prefers nominees to be endorsed in some way by the CEO of a company, as a nominator, a reference, or by providing a quote or statement for publication. (Please note that the nominee will receive notice that you have nominated him/her.)

Can I nominate myself?


How do I submit a nomination?

You can do so by filling out our online nomination form.

I have a question. Who can I ask?

Please email the Report on Business Best Executive Awards team at

What are the terms and conditions?

You can read them here.